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Counteracting Hoaxes on Job Creation with Positive Literacy


By: Alfisyah Kumalasari) *
The Job Creation Law was made by the government, for the welfare of the people. But unfortunately his success was accompanied by hoaxes, which were deliberately spread by unscrupulous people. We can counter hoaxes and contribute to the success of the Job Creation Law, with a positive literacy movement. This movement can open people’s eyes and educate the dangers of hoaxes.
When the internet began to boom in Indonesia, since the beginning of 2000, the flow of information was so powerful. People who like to read news in online media and social media find it more practical, because they can get news with just one click. But unfortunately the amount of information is not accompanied by the ability to filter out hoaxes.
The inability to recognize hoaxes could be because netizens think online news and news in conventional newspapers are of the same quality. In fact, there are fake websites that are deliberately created to spread hoaxes and ‘wash’ people’s minds. They produce fake news, including hoaxes about the Job Creation Law.
Hoaxes of the Job Creation Law circulating include the news that the government is opening its doors wide for foreign workers. Even though the truth is that new foreign workers can enter Indonesia, if they have special skills. Not just any foreign workers are allowed to enter, and they are not manual workers. Instead, he has a position as a technician, because he teaches local employees who have new work tools.
In addition, there is also a hoax stating that the government is abolishing UMK. It is true that the term UMK was eliminated, but it was replaced by UMP (provincial minimum wage). The nominal is even bigger, because it is determined by the Governor. In addition, workers who have served for more than 2 years are required to be paid more than the UMP. So this change is actually beneficial.
To ward off hoaxes about the Job Creation Law, we use positive literacy. What is the relationship between hoax and literacy? In fact, a hoax was widely circulated because the readers lacked literacy skills. So he too easily believes the fake news narrative which is usually too excited, then shares without checking the truth first.
High literacy skills can be obtained from reading lots of good quality books and media. Apart from intensifying the reading hobby, the Creative Cyber ​​Literacy National Movement was also held. Literacy in the digital world is promoted, so that the ability to read and analyze the community will be better and not easily fall into hoaxes.
The Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara, explained that people in the digital era can easily get various information. However, in the ease of information flow in cyberspace, there is the spread of negative content such as hoaxes. So that the Siberkreasi Digital Literacy National Movement cope with these things.
People who are members of Siberkreasi are passionate about dispelling hoaxes in cyberspace. When there is fake news or photos regarding the Job Creation Law, it can be immediately reported to FB or IG, so that it is eliminated. They also reminded them when someone spread the news about the law, which turned out to be a hoax.
Rudiantara continued, he supports Siberkreasi to spread digital literacy. Together with Siberkreas, we encourage Indonesian netizens to actively participate in spreading positive content consistently in cyberspace. So that people are more productive by utilizing technology.
With positive literacy, social media will be flooded with positive content. So that after a long time the hoaxes about the Job Creation Law will be drowned and ignored by netizens. They will believe that this law was made by the people, and it is impossible for the government to prosecute many people.
Let’s support the Job Creation Law by hitting hoaxes in cyberspace. You do this by joining the Cyber ​​Creative Digital Literacy Movement, and actively filtering hoaxes on social media. In addition, create positive content regarding the Job Creation Law, so that the public will not believe in hoaxes about it.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Student

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