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Covid 19 cases are still high, people must continue to obey the prokes


By: Aditya Akbar)*

Corona cases are on the rise again and the number of patients is in the range of 6,000 people per day. When there is an increase in cases, the public is expected to always obey the health protocols (Prokes) to avoid corona and survive the fatal effects of the disease.

People’s behavior in 2022 is much different from in 2020, when the pandemic began. In the past, they bought masks that were even rare in the market and very expensive, bought hand sanitizers , and made herbal concoctions to increase immunity. But now it’s too loose, lazy to wear masks and likes to make a crowd.

There are people who don’t understand that the pandemic is not over yet and they just take off their masks. Even though this is very dangerous because the nose and mouth that are not protected by a mask can be entered by droplets that have the potential to spread the Covid-19 virus. Adherence to health protocols must be tightened again in order to control the transmission of Corona in Indonesia, especially when there is an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Health protocols must be disseminated repeatedly in order to prevent violations of Prokes. In DKI Jakarta alone, during January-February 2022 there were 38,174 Prokes violators. Those caught by officers for violating Prokes should not complain because officers saved their lives. The reason is because cases of corona in early August rose to 6,000 patients per day.

If everyone is disciplined in Prokes, the community will be protected from the danger of corona. Indeed, the pandemic has existed for more than 2 years but cases continue to rise, because there is an Omicron subvariant that is more contagious (Centaurus). Another reason is that vaccination coverage in Indonesia is only around 70%, and people who have not been vaccinated will get corona if they do not obey Prokes.

The public must have memorized the points in Prokes 10M such as wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, reducing mobility, avoiding crowds, bathing, etc. It’s a shame that many people memorize Prokes but lack discipline in its implementation. Though Prokes and vaccinations are 2 ways to survive the danger of corona.

People should still obey Prokes even though they are at home. In a sense, Prokes is not only practiced outside the home). However, Prokes is also carried out at home to be completely free of Corona, because the potential for transmission is everywhere.

Prokes obedience must be done at home, especially for those who do activities outside every day. They have the potential to contract Corona outside the home. In a sense, fathers and mothers who work in an office can also carry the Covid-19 virus from outside the home and then pass it on to their children.

It is possible that father and mother contracted Corona from an office cluster or market cluster and then passed it on to their children. Especially if the child is under 6 years old, because it has not been vaccinated for children aged 0-5 years. Contagion like this must be avoided by obeying Prokes and maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Obeying Prokes at home is not too difficult because everyone is obliged to take a shower immediately after activities outside the home. After that, change clothes and dirty clothes are washed with hot water to be really hygienic. All parts of the house must be cleaned, especially air conditioning and ventilation, because corona can be transmitted in dirty air. After mopping the floor can be continued by spraying disinfectant.

Lung Specialist, Zuldi Afki, Sp.P, stated that during a pandemic, the real heroes are people who obey Prokes. A pandemic is like a battlefield and society is fighting an almost invisible enemy, namely the Covid-19 virus. By being a hero and obeying Prokes, the transmission of corona will be controlled.

People who adhere to Prokes do so to protect themselves and their families. With obedience and self-awareness of Prokes, there will be no transmission of the Covid-19 virus and corona cases will gradually decrease.

If someone feels they are infected with the Covid-19 virus, they immediately do a rapid test or swab , then self-isolate for 14 days. He consciously self-isolated so as not to transmit the corona to his family and friends.

When everyone obeys Prokes 10M, the transmission of corona will be very controlled and it is hoped that the number of patients will also decrease, even to 0. It is hoped that all Indonesian citizens will continue to wear masks and be disciplined in implementing Prokes 10M. They are aware that Prokes and vaccinations are ways to avoid corona, and Prokes can also prevent them from other diseases such as hepatitis.

Corona cases in Indonesia have soared again and the public is expected to continue to be disciplined in carrying out the 10M Prokes. Prokes must be done to protect yourself and your family at home. If everyone obeys Prokes, the government is optimistic that it can get out of the pandemic faster.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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