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Decisive Action for Health Protocol Violators during Regional Elections


Direct regional head elections will be held later this year. This time, voting is being watched very closely because we are still in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. So it is hoped that there will be no mass gathering activities such as campaigns in the field, because it can cause a new corona cluster. Prospective leaders must adhere to health protocols.

This year’s Pilkada feels special because it was held during the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from having to take place in an honest, fair, direct, free and confidential manner, the implementation of regional head elections must be in accordance with health protocols. Because don’t let the number of Corona patients continue to increase after the regional head elections.

President Joko Widodo emphasized that there is a potential for the transmission of the Covid-19 virus during regional elections, and when someone violates health protocols, they can be immediately dealt with firmly. Apart from the Election Supervisory Agency, the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian must also supervise the implementation of the pilkada. So that everyone is safe and free from Corona.

In addition, the police must be firm in controlling discipline in the pre-Pilkada period so that it strictly conforms to health protocols. Jokowi added, don’t let a crowd of people during the Pilkada. So we cannot do campaigns or register candidates for regional head accompanied by many people, as before. For breaking the rules of distancing.

Apart from overseeing the campaign and registration process, Banwaslu, assisted by the community, also arranged for the voting process to comply with health protocols. Apart from avoiding punishment, don’t forget the main goal, which is to prevent the Corona cluster. Voters must wear masks and wash their hands and must keep their distance, so that the voting time is increased by a day.

Even though crowds are prohibited, it does not mean that regional head candidates cannot campaign. Nowadays it’s online, so campaigns can be carried out through social media. Apart from being safe from the potential for Corona transmission, this type of campaign is more cost effective. Because they don’t need a stage, sound system, and performers who obviously need payment.

When someone violates the regulations and continues to register as a candidate for regional head with mass escorts, he can be immediately prosecuted. When you don’t wear a mask and insist on walking in a crowded place, you have to pay 250,000 rupiah. Can also be given additional penalties with social work for cleaning. Even though he is a candidate for leader, he must be punished, in order to have a deterrent effect.

Other types of penalties can also be given to violators of health protocols during elections. For example, with a fine in the form of 1 potted plant or flower. So punishment is not just a monetary fine, but also benefits the environment. After being punished, don’t even prepare more potted plants, but be aware and obey health protocols.

Alternatf lan is an extreme punishment that is preparing a coffin. This method is done in the East Jakarta area, so that protocol violators will really give up. So the violators during the elections must enter a coffin and reflect on their mistakes. After a few minutes, he was allowed to come out and was afraid to repeat his carelessness. Then the crate is sprayed with disinfectant.

Although a candidate for regional head may also be incumbent, Banwaslu and the apparatus must act decisively. When he violates health protocols, for example neglecting to wear a mask, he must still be subject to punishment. So it shows that he is a candidate for regional head who is responsible and accepts the risk of forgetting and violating health protocols.

Regional head elections are a critical phase because they can create new Corona clusters, during campaigns and during registration. Banwaslu must be strict in enforcing regulations. Even though the one who is wrong is a well-known figure in the area, it must be punished and not indiscriminate. All of this so that people remain disciplined in adhering to health protocols.

) * Penullisa is a student at Pakuan Bogor University

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