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Discipline Health Protocol Prevent Local Transmission Omicron


By: Denny Gumilar )*

The implementation of Prokes discipline is still a top priority in dealing with Omicron attacks, especially those that are starting to be dominated by cases of local transmission. The public is also advised to always be vigilant because the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet.

The reduction in the spread of Covid-19 is a breath of fresh air for all parties. Not only for the health sector, there seems to be hope for the economy to rise again. However, the fact is that now the latest variant of the previous virus is claimed to have spread again in a number of countries. The Omicron variant is claimed to have a faster spread rate, with worse symptoms and effects.

In fact, in Indonesia itself, several cases related to Omicron have been found. Even though there are still few cases, all elements of society should not be slack in carrying out the Prokes discipline.

47 cases have been recorded, with details of 46 imported cases and 1 case of local transmission. The most recent reportedly attacked a 37-year-old man. Where he has no history of travel to foreign countries, in the last few months. Even with the contacts of foreign travel agents.

With the discovery of this first local transmission case, of course, very strict supervision is needed. Especially the medical staff and complete facilities to minimize the spread that could occur. Especially if the patient’s condition does not have any symptoms.

In this regard, the Covid-19 Task Force is reported to have 5 strategies to deal with the Omicron variant. Apart from tightening the entrance gates in Indonesia, strict Prokes discipline is still a top priority. Wiku Adisasmito has always been the Coordinator of the Expert Team and the Government Spokesperson for the handling of Covid-19, stating the following five strategies.

The first strategy is to review the policy of limiting the entry of the country. Second, boost Whole genome sequencing or WGS to be faster in detecting the presence of Omicron.

The third strategy is to ensure that the mobility of the general public or the community is carried out safely. Fourth, intensify testing and tracing efforts, especially for international travellers.

For the last or fifth strategy, strict implementation of Prokes especially as an anticipatory measure for Christmas and the new year that has just been welcomed. According to Wiku, year-end holidays have the potential to increase the spread of Covid-19. Because, there are many agendas that cause crowds or contact with other people.

The assumption is that the spread of the Omicron variant will explode at those moments. Just like the previous case, where Covid-19 experienced a very massive spread during the year-end holidays. In fact, it consists of several clusters, thus making the health sector slump again. The economic order that had previously begun to squirm has collapsed again.

However, the government and various related parties continue to strictly remind Prokes. Because, it is not impossible that Omicron will spread quickly. So it takes readiness and vigilance in dealing with this.

Moreover, the government is also monitoring the increased risk of transmission of the virus. Both at the provincial level and to the district level. In addition, the regional and central governments continue to collaborate with all parties to monitor the potential for clusters. Even with various assessments of whether there is an attachment to the new variant of Omicron.

Along the way, all the government’s actions and strategies will certainly reap the pros and cons. This is because sometimes these policies are responded to differently in each region. especially if the area has small Covid-19 cases. So that the attitude of neglect often occurs. Not to mention the added tagline, already vaccinated.

Even though vaccines to disciplinary procedures are one of the efforts to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Vaccines and Prokes do not completely prevent us from the dangers of the virus. However, at least our antibodies are getting stronger. Or able to boost endurance.

In addition to these two efforts, of course, other steps must be supported, such as implementing a healthy lifestyle. So, complete our efforts to protect ourselves from the various possibilities of contracting the Omicron virus.

In the end, all of these efforts will succeed with the support of all parties. Strict implementation of this Prokes must be done with discipline. Moreover, related to the mindset that should remain vigilant among the many possibilities. Remember, prevention is certainly better than cure right? Don’t let your life go to waste with untrue doctrines that are often shared with the public. Health is the main thing, let’s take care and protect each other.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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