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Discipline in the New Normal Era is Key to National Economic Recovery


By: Alfisyah Kumalasari) *

In the new normal era, Indonesia revived to maintain its economic condition. The government has begun to reopen markets and shopping centers so that trading activities are held again. All this of course we must support with discipline and adhere to health protocols. So that everything runs smoothly.

Sri Mulyani stated that the Indonesian economy could truly recover as before. The Minister of Finance spoke the facts, because our financial situation has gradually improved, after all elements of society obeyed the health protocol and also disciplined in obeying the regulations made by the government. So the people helped support government programs and slowly Indonesia’s financial condition rose again.

In a June 30, 2020 vide conference in Jakarta, finance minister Sri Mulyani spoke that it was necessary for the community to remain productive even though it was still in the co-19 pandemic. Because the activeness of these people is certainly good for their health, as well as helping improve economic conditions in Indonesia. Of course by complying with health rules and protocols.

Sri Mulyani also praised the actions of the people who quickly adapted to the situation. This can make Indonesia’s economic situation not too bad. Indeed the increase is not up to 5% in the first 3 months in 2020. But this is still better, because in other countries the economic condition is even minus. So it is threatened by the financial crisis.

When it was still in a pandemic, everyone wore masks as a method of discipline, so as not to get droplets which could be a means of transmitting corona. The adaptation referred to by Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani could be in the form of many people who turn to sell cloth masks, because indeed this object is much needed by people. This mask is sold online and the price also varies, depending on the quality of the fabric.

Other disciplines carried out by the public are diligent in washing their hands or using a hand sanitizer. In front of the market, offices, and other public places also provided gallons or barrels to collect water washing hands. So people are accustomed to discipline to maintain hygiene in public places.

In the market also often held rapid tests to find out if anyone is affected by corona and become OTG, aka people without symptoms. When there is just one positive trader who gets co-19 virus, then the market is forced to close. Therefore, everyone from buyers to sellers must wear masks and wash their hands as a form of discipline in combating corona.

At first glance this discipline looks heavy, especially when finished traveling must immediately shower, wash, and change clothes. Food brought from outside must also be moved to another container and reheated. You do not complain yet. If everyone does not want to be united in being disciplined in maintaining hygiene and health, then the national economic recovery program will be in vain.

The logic is this, when we enter a new normal era and markets and supermarkets are reopened so that the economy recovers, it will be in vain if there is no discipline. If there is just one person who becomes a corona and careless carrier when walking around without a mask, then even sneezing is dangerous. Because it can transmit covid-19 virus. If everyone is infected, then there are no economic actors (sellers and buyers in the market). Then the economy cannot work because almost everyone is a corona patient.

We must guard ourselves and remain disciplined in obeying health protocols. Because all this for the sake of mutual safety. If all people are disciplined, then Indonesia’s economic condition will slowly improve. Because everything is healthy and can transact in the market as before.

) * The writer is a contributor of Cikini Press Circle and Students

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