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Discipline in using masks is the key to successful adaptation to new habits


By: Halimatussadiyah (Chair of the Tangerang City Regional Literacy Movement)

Following up on the Presidential Instruction in order to improve discipline and law enforcement of health protocols related to Adaptation of New Habits in the prevention and control of Covid-19

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has tirelessly appealed to 267 million Indonesians to always wear masks in the midst of the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19.

President Jokowi continues to remind the Indonesian people and all elements of the nation to make masks a habit of life as a form of national discipline.

With the discipline of wearing masks, one of the effective ways to implement Health Protocols that can prevent Covid-19 transmission.

Community discipline in wearing masks can also maintain mutual safety and become a foundation for preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 outbreak. Adapting to new habits during the adaptation period of new habits through wearing masks will keep people from contracting Covid-19.

Changing old habits with new habits by strictly adhering to health protocols is expected to break the chain of covid-19 transmission.

Internalization or forming knowledge based awareness. People independently adopt a new lifestyle by wearing masks because they realize that if they don’t, they have to bear their own risks.

This requires the participation and collaboration of all parties, manifested in the willingness and militancy to carry out health protocols. Stay disciplined with wearing masks and praying that the pandemic will end quickly. Hopefully all the efforts in the adaptation phase of the new habit will produce very sweet results.

Together we consistently carry out productive activities with discipline in carrying out health protocols to fight together against the spread of Covid-19 by making the era of adaptation to new habits a success.

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