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Don’t Ignore Health Protocols, Successfully Adapt New Habits for a Healthy and Strong Nation


By: Lisa (Communication Science Student of Pancasila University)

The public is reminded to continue to adhere to health protocols. The easing of restrictions carried out in a number of areas does not mean that the threat of Covid-19 has subsided. On the other hand, the new positive case curve is on an upward trend and recorded several highs.

Public awareness to prevent Covid-19 needs to be increased. It is no secret that there are still quite a number of people who are ignorant of the risk of transmission. In some areas, many market traders refuse to take the rapid test. There are also motorists who actually scolded officers when they were told to wear masks. In fact, there have been incidents of residents refusing to bury their bodies using infectious disease fixed procedures.

To that end, slowly but surely, the government has implemented the New Habit Adaptation (AKB). With this, the government is taking steps to strengthen the state order so that people can continue to live in the midst of a pandemic safely and safely. This concept will make people safer in carrying out their daily activities.

Recognize 3 New Habitual Adaptation Health Protocols (IMR)

1. Using a mask

Masks are very important to use to prevent the risk of being exposed to the Corona Virus in daily activities during this pandemic. In addition, by using masks we can avoid various kinds of bacteria and other types of viruses so that the body remains fit without any external disease.

2. Keep your distance

Maintaining a distance is very important to do to avoid catching the virus through the air when someone is sick coughing or sneezing so that we are at a safe distance. Also on the contrary, if we are sick, then by keeping our distance, we will not transmit the disease that we suffer.

3. Wash your hands

The community is expected to wash their hands as often as possible, because one way of transmitting viruses or bacteria is through hands. When our hands hold the doorknob, shake hands, cover our mouths with our hands when coughing or sneezing, this can be a medium for disease transmission. Therefore, diligently washing our hands will not catch or transmit disease.

The examples above are a bit of an effort that is easy for us to do, but they have a very big influence in maintaining a normal threshold for conditions so as to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. In this pandemic, the easy things are usually easily forgotten and underestimated. Therefore, we as good citizens need to remind each other so that the community is orderly in implementing the health protocol in IMR.

With the spirit of independence, let us at the disciplinary level apply health protocols for the successful implementation of IMR and jointly reject and fight hoax news, especially those containing provocative elements surrounding the AKB era for the successful acceleration of handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

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