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Don’t Tired of Implementing the Covid-19 Prevent Health Protocol


By: Lisa Pamungkas) *

Even though PSBB has been relaxed, it does not mean we can be free to do activities when outside the home. Health protocols such as social distancing and the use of masks must remain a special concern so that transmission rates can be muted. The public is advised not to tire of implementing health protocols.

Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto said, people who were not disciplined in keeping their distance and did not wear masks were the main factors for new cases of covid-19 transmission.

              This also led to the distribution of new cases and new clusters in several regions. Especially now that there are many people who enjoy cycling without using a mask.

              The condition of the community who did not heed the appeal of social distancing also became the cause of the high number of covid-19 cases.

              As of Thursday 25 June 2020, the government recorded at least there were new cases of Co-19 so that accumulatively there were 50,187 positive cases of Co-19 in Indonesia.

              The five regions were East Java (247 new cases and 241 patients were cured), DKI Jakarta (196 new cases and 112 cured patients), South Sulawesi (103 new cases and 59 cured patients), North Maluku (80 new cases and 1 patient cured) and Central Java (78 new cases).

              The overall co-19 transmission occurred in 446 districts / cities in 34 provinces.

              Achmad Yurianto also reminded that covid-19 spread rapidly through droplets sprinkling when sneezing or coughing.

              By using masks properly and correctly, this would be an effective step to avoid the possibility of contracting or transmitting the corona virus by droplets. Moreover, there are still many people without symptoms (OTG) who do not apply self-isolation at home.

              Achmad Yuri also distributed levels of transmission into 4 levels.

              First, if someone who carries the virus (OTG) does not use a mask and has close contact with vulnerable people, then the possibility of transmission can reach 100 percent.

              Second, if sick people wear masks, while vulnerable groups do not wear masks, then the potential for transmission reaches 70 percent.

              Third, if sick people wear masks, while healthy people don’t wear masks, the transmission rate is only 5 percent.

              Fourth, if both wear a mask, the potential for transmission is only 1.5 percent. This is the basis, that the use of masks is very important in efforts to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

              The effectiveness of the use of masks to prevent transmission was also proven in clinical trials by the British market research company Yougov, a team from the Miyazawa Clinic in Hyogo and the University of Houston-Victoria have collected data through computer models to find out how various factors affect mortality rates from covid-19 disease in various country. As a result, the use of face masks is the most significant way to reduce the risk of death from covid-19.

              Another study by researchers from the California Institute of Technology this month also assessed facial masks as the most effective way to prevent transmission between humans.

              Given the growing evidence, the World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that governments should encourage the general public to use it when in the crowd.

              At present the situation is indeed different from last year, although there is a respite set by the government and a new normal life order is echoed, it does not mean we forget the health protocol. By using a mask, of course we protect ourselves and protect those around us.

              Meanwhile, the call to stay at home seems to be heeded. Achad Yurianto has also mentioned that activities outside the home that can be done by the community are only productive.

              If the activity can still be postponed or not needed to leave the house, people are still asked to stay at home. This, of course, is none other than the aim of preventing the chain of transmission of Covid-19.

              On a different occasion, the Covid-19 Task Force for Riau Province stated that when the number of Covid-19 patients in the area increased to 134 cases, a new cluster emerged, namely transmission by state-owned bank employees in Pekanbaru City. The cluster of transmission of state bank employees donated 4 patients.

) * Citizen writers live in Semarang

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