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Easing Community Activities Must Keep Strict Health Protocols


By: Dian Ahadi )*

After two years of the pandemic and the situation is safe, there has been an easing of community activities, one of which is the abolition of antigen tests and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Nevertheless, it is hoped that this easing of activities can be accompanied by strict Prokes because Covid-19 is still around us.

Community activities during the pandemic were different long before the Corona attack. We are asked to reduce mobility because mass movement of people can cause the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. After the new normal era, the rules were changed, it is permissible to do activities outside but when going on planes, trains, and other means of transportation, you must first do a PCR test.

However, this rule was revised again. Coordinating Minister for Humanities Luhut B Pandjaitan stated that if people want to take a plane or any other mode of transportation, they don’t need a PCR test first. They just need to show their vaccine card (they have been vaccinated twice) or scan the care to protect application.

This relaxation was implemented because more than 50% of Indonesian citizens have been vaccinated, so that soon we will have group immunity status. In addition, Covid-19 cases continue to decline. If in February 2022, Corona patients reached 36,000 per day, then as of March 7, 2022, only 20,000 patients per day.

However, this easing should not make us euphoric and then take off our masks. If there is a change in the rules by the government, it must be obeyed, and this includes still complying with the Health Protocol (Prokes). The reason is, the pandemic is still not declared over, because Corona is still in this country.

We must remain vigilant and obey Prokes because there is still Corona, especially the Omicron variant. Remember that Omicron is up to 70 times more contagious than Delta, so it must be fought with strong immunity and the implementation of health protocols.

There should be no Prokes violation because they only wear masks when meeting with officers, but after that they are removed. Masks must be worn when leaving the house, even when just going to the shop next door or sweeping the yard. When traveling a bit far (eg to the supermarket) then wear a double mask with a disposable mask on the inside and a cloth one on the outside.

It’s sad that many are currently traveling without a mask on the grounds that there is no strict supervision like in the past. Even though we still have to wear it because it is for protection, not for fear of being fined. Prepare a dozen disposable masks so that when taking public transportation they can be given to those who do not wear masks, so they will be equally healthy.

When traveling, always remember to keep your distance. In the rest area, do not approach the crowd. After queuing for the restroom, then look for a more spacious place to rest or eat lunch.

In addition, remember to wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer in your bag. So after opening the car door handle, use hand sanitizer. Wear it again after handling the food given by the flight attendant, etc. If you are not allowed to bring liquid, then bring a wet tissue with you because it contains alcohol which can sterilize your hands.

Also choose an airline that has a high Prokes standard to be safer, even though the ticket price is more expensive. Money can be earned again but safety is more important.
All the rules applied are to protect the public from the danger of Corona.
When there is an easing of rules and you are allowed to travel without having to do a PCR test first, that doesn’t mean you are free to wander around without a mask. However, you must obey the Prokes so that the body is healthy without being infected with the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron variant or others.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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