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Economic Recovery Improves During PPKM


By: Munawir)*
PPKM is a government program that is really special because it aims to suppress Covid-19 cases while maintaining people’s economic resilience. During the PPKM period, the economic recovery continued and showed an improving trend.
The Covid-19 pandemic brings many problems and the most severe is the economy. People’s purchasing power has decreased and many have had to cut their salaries by the company. For them it’s better than being home alone. The government is trying hard to restore the economic sector, in order to be free from the recession status or the terrible 2nd volume of the monetary crisis.
The fruit of the government’s struggle was successful when there were reports of national economic growth that remained positive. BI still maintains the projection of national economic growth in the range of 3.5 to 4.3%, even though PPKM is implemented. In a sense, even though there are restrictions on mobility during PPKM, it does not mean that it will have a very bad impact on state finances.
The causes of economic growth during PPKM are the work of fiscal stimulus, improvement in investment and export performance, acceleration of Covid vaccination and improvement of priority sectors. All of this resulted in a positive economic recovery and we all survived the threat of a recession.
One of the most effective fiscal stimulus is tax incentives, because it is undeniable that many businesses have declined due to the pandemic. When they get the convenience of paying taxes, their business can run smoothly, without having to be afraid because they have not paid taxes. Especially for MSME entrepreneurs, this policy really helps them.
In addition, the export sector is greatly facilitated by the government so that entrepreneurs can sell their goods abroad without going through a confusing bureaucracy. There is even a guide from the Dinas so that business people know how to export. So that his business is more advanced and not only rely on local buyers.
Acceleration of vaccination is also very influential on the economy, because when everyone is healthy, they will be enthusiastic about work. Imagine if the national vaccination is not intensified and the target is increased, it will not be able to control the number of corona transmission. When there is a vaccination, the number of Covid patients can be more controlled.
When only a few get the Covid-19 virus then everything will be safe. In an office and factory, not afraid to form a new corona cluster. On the other hand, if there is only 1 employee who gets corona, the factory must be closed for at least 2 weeks and sprayed with disinfectant. While this has a negative effect on productivity there.
Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani stated that economic growth in Indonesia had improved during PPKM, especially since August. This recovery occurs after the consumption of goods increases. In a sense, PPKM does not make the economy stagnate, because the evidence is that there are still traders who can survive.
Business people can survive during PPKM because they do not only rely on activities at kiosks, but also open online stalls. They already understand that it is now necessary to take advantage of technology and maximize digital marketing, from social media, blogs, to marketplaces. All can be a place of promotion to expand marketing reach.
With digital marketing, business people can stay victorious in the middle of PPKM. Moreover, there is already a support system in the form of a transportation company that provides couriers at affordable rates, so they don’t have to bother with delivering them themselves.
Indonesia’s economic growth still shows a positive trend even though it is in the middle of PPKM and this is very grateful, because we are not mired in a recession status. All of this is due to the government’s performance which is always committed to financial health of the country and the welfare of all its people.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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