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Eid al-Adha celebrations are mandatory at home to prevent the spike in Covid-19


By: Ahmad Hasan )*

Eid al- Adha s already in sight. The public is also advised to continue to worship from home because it does not reduce the essence of the celebration and prevent the Covid-19 spike which is still high.

The spike in Covid-19 numbers increasingly shows its ferocity, many activities such as learning, work and worship must be carried out at home to reduce the potential for transmission, including the Eid al-Adha prayer. The Muhammadiyah Central Executive will issue a fatwa for the implementation of Eid al-Adha 1442 Hijri, one of which is not recommending Eid prayers in the field or mosques in line with the increase in cases of Covid-19 transmission in Indonesia.

              Assembly Speaker Tajrih and Tajdid Syamsul Anwar Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah Tarjih pengajians edition of 131 monitored online in Jakarta, mengataka n   that the fatwa later similar to last year (2020), are not mere komendasikan Id prayers in the field or at the mosque. So pray at home. So this is in accordance with the principle of convenience, not causing harm in religion.

              He emphasized that the fatwa on eliminating Eid prayers in the field was not only within Muhammadiyah, but also in Dar al-Ifta in Egypt. Because the law of Eid prayer is sunnah muakadah and is not at all part of the obligatory prayer. So there will be no consequences for those who leave it, only lose the sunnah reward.              

              S yamsul also said, because Covid-19 is currently showing signs of improvement, the Legal Affairs Committee will issue a Fatwa not advise Eid ul Adha in the field, but worked in their homes. So, this fatwa will be stricter than the previous fatwa regarding Eid Prayer.

              He emphasized that preventive measures in breaking the chain of transmission of this latest variant of the virus must remain a top priority. Syamsul quotes in QS. Al Baqarah verse 195 which confirms the prohibition of Islam to make oneself and others harm and perish.

              In addition, it is also based on the Hadith of Ibn Abbas which strictly forbids doing harm and harm. Syamsul said, being afraid of the virus is also in order to fear Allah SWT. Because Allah commanded to avoid self-destruction and not to do harm to others. In the hadith it is also explained not to mix the healthy with the sick.

              The steps taken by PP Muhammadiyah are of course in line with the Emergency PPKM policy issued by the government to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19.

              Meanwhile, Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has asked Muslims who are in the area of ​​the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Java and Bali to carry out Eid al-Adha prayers at their respective homes. Meanwhile, this is stated in the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Religion Number 17 of 2021 concerning the Temporary Abolition of Worship in Places of Worship, Takbiran Nights, Eid ul Adha Prayers and Technical Instructions for the Implementation of Sacrifice in 1442 Hijriah/2021 AD in the Emergency PPKM area.

              Meanwhile, for Muslims who are outside the Emergency PPKM and are not included in the red zone and orange zone, the night of takbiran and Eid al-Adha prayers can be carried out after fulfilling the provisions as stipulated in the Minister of Religion’s Decree Number 16 of 2021. The SE is about technical instructions for the implementation of takbiran, Eid al-Adha and the Implementation of Sacrifice in the Year 1442 Hijri/2021 AD Outside the Emergency PPKM.

              Yaqut said the elimination of worship in places of worship in the emergency PPKM area is an absolute must. Because we know that this Covid-19 pandemic really we must overcome together with good cooperation between the government and the religious community.

              We all know that during Eid al-Adha Muslims are ordered to leave the house to go to the mosque or to the field for Eid al-Adha prayers. But in a pandemic situation, of course, worship that causes crowds must be diverted at home or in a limited place in order to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. In addition, mobile takbirs should also be avoided in order to minimize the potential for transmission due to crowds.

              In the current situation of an epidemic or non-natural disaster, it is very important for all of us to reduce our selfish attitude, compliance with Emergency PPKM and health protocol discipline is our endeavor to save ourselves and those around us.

)* The author is a citizen living in Pekanbaru

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