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Emergency PPKM Policy Solution to Prevent Covid-19 Spike


By : Candra Angriawan ) *

The policy for the implementation of emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) aims to limit community mobility , regulate activities of all sectors in the community and prevent a spike in Covid-19 . Therefore, the public is expected to support the government’s policy so that its implementation in the field can run smoothly and the spread of Covid-19 can be minimized.  

Obedient to the rules and discipline in the application of medical protocol is a key element in efforts to combat and suppress the spread of the virus Covid-19. In addition, the active role of the community in complying with PPKM implementation rules is the main capital in efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Emergency PPKM is a solution that the government is trying to offer in an effort to protect the lives of many people. This PPKM policy becomes useless if it is only driven by the government. Every level of society must take part in the success of this Emergency PPKM, in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia.

Covid-19 cases are predicted to continue to rise in the next few days. However, the government has prepared anticipatory steps to prevent a spike in cases of the corona virus. One of them is by implementing an emergency PPKM policy in Java and Bali from 3-20 July 2021. The community is asked to limit mobility during the emergency PPKM period.   

The surge in Covid-19 cases in Indonesia currently has increased to 21,095 cases on June 26 , 2021, which is the highest record in a day that Indonesia has ever experienced. The increase is made r ome ill start fully and make a lot of patients who t id ak got room for treatment. In addition, k esediaan oxygen tank t id ak meet the vi god patients also become the main issue of the surge in this case.

The declining level of public awareness in the application of health protocols is the trigger for this spike in cases. In addition, the entry of a new variant of Covid-19 (delta variant) and others also affected the high spike in this case. This condition is certainly worrying for all of us . D emi cope with a surge of cases ever increasing government moved quickly to suppress Covid-19 . Namely by tightening Emergency PPKM and health protocol discipline.

Another problem in the implementation of the current emergency PPKM is the behavior of people buying needs in large quantities because they are afraid of something panic buying). This social phenomenon is actually something that has happened repeatedly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, if we look at the field, the condition of supplies of basic needs is still very much circulating in the market and shops scattered throughout the place.

The fear of running out of staples is an unreasonable fear. We should be able to overcome these fears with the correct information that we can find in some mainstream media . This is important in order to maintain the incoming information so that the truth is tested so that the actions we take remain in the right corridor both in the eyes of the law and socially.

While sharing non-misleading information is also very important these days. Given the very low level of reading interest of the Indonesian people, it is hoped that all of us who already understand the importance of obeying health protocols and can educate groups whose understanding is still not able to understand this condition.

The implementation of this emergency PPKM is very important in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 spikes in Indonesia. It is hoped that this restriction will be able to raise public awareness again. The active role of the community in complying with the rules in implementing PPKM is the main capital in efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Emergency PPKM is a solution that the government is trying to offer in an effort to protect the lives of many people. Policies PPKM have become t id ak useful if only driven by government alone. Every layer of society must take part in the success of this Emergency PPKM , in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia. Obedience to rules and restrictions as well as discipline in the application of health protocols is the main key in efforts to combat and suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus .

Self-discipline is the initial milestone in our success in the fight against Covid-19 . After being able to discipline ourselves , then we can invite the surrounding community to participate together to live a disciplined life and in the end we hope to be able to win against Covid-19 and live a normal life as before .

)* The author is a citizen living in Bogor, West Java

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