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Emergency PPKM State Efforts to Save Citizens


By: Reza Pahlavi )*

When the number of Covid-19 patients soared, the government immediately implemented an emergency PPKM.  The public is expected to understand and obey, because this program is an effort to save citizens from the dangers of Corona .

News of the death is everywhere, from the mouthpiece of a house of worship to social media. They all got Corona and we are nervous while hoping that we don’t get the next turn. The ongoing pandemic is making people more alert and taking care of themselves to stay healthy.

How not to be afraid if according to data from the Covid-19 task force , the number of people who get Corona every day reaches 29,000 people and 1,000 of them have died? Therefore, the government has acted decisively by making an emergency PPKM which is valid until July 20, 2021. So with the many restrictions during PPKM, it is hoped that the number of patients can be kept to a minimum.

Secretary General of PP DMI Drs H Imam Addaruqutni stated that the emergency PPKM was the government’s effort to save its citizens. In a sense, human life is very valuable and the government is trying hard so that no one gets Corona during the pandemic.

Drs H Imam continued, when PPKM in the red zone area, mosques and prayer rooms are prohibited from holding congregational prayers for a while. This should not be viewed as something negative, as there is the potential for crowds there, which could lead to new clusters. After all , praying at home is still legal and can also be done in congregation.

While there are rules to avoid danger rather than get the benefit. In a sense, don’t let this prohibition be twisted so it’s as if the government forbids the right of its citizens to worship in God’s house. The reason is because in a pandemic, there are many adaptations that must be done to prevent the transmission of Corona .

The number of Covid-19 patients became even more worrying when the task force team provided data: 29,000 new patients per day. We certainly don’t want to be the next patient, do we? Therefore, obey every rule in the emergency PPKM and don’t assume any kind of prejudice. If there is a ban on congregational worship then this is solely to prevent the formation of a new Corona cluster .

Instead, the government is saving its citizens from the dangers of Corona that can lurk when there is a crowd, for example there are OTGs who don’t wear masks or don’t keep their distance, then accidentally transmit the Covid-19 -19 virus while in congregation. Therefore, be patient and I will stay at home until July 20, 2021.

If everyone obeys then PPKM will be dismissed by the government and can worship with the congregation as usual. However, when many are stubborn, there will be an emergency PPKM for the next period which is clearly confusing. The reason is because there are many restrictions that make the space to move even more narrow.

There is only 1 human life and must be protected in various ways, and considering that the pandemic is not over, it is better to worship at home to avoid crowds. God will not be angry with His people if they do not come to the place of worship because of the pandemic. Isn’t He merciful?

The government is trying to regulate so that there are no new clusters and to prevent people who have not been exposed to Corona from being infected with the Covid-19 virus . Therefore, adhere to each point in the emergency PPKM and don’t complain. Don’t accuse all kinds of things, because negative thoughts can also have a bad effect on the body’s immunity.

Let’s live the emergency PPKM patiently and realize that this program is the government’s effort to save the lives of every citizen. Don’t let there be mass deaths because of Corona . It’s better to stay at home and obey the 5M health protocol so you don’t get infected with the Covid-19 virus

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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