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Emergency PPKM Successfully Reduces Covid-19 Cases


By : Januar Subhan )*

PPKM (Restrictions on the Implementation of Community Activities) Level 4 and Level 3 in Java-Bali , has succeeded in reducing active cases to 50% of the number of positive confirmed cases of Covid-19. In addition to the decrease in active cases, there was also a decrease in the bed occupancy rate BOR ) in hospitals. This success is an effort by the government to protect its citizens from the Covid-19 pandemic .

According to the World Health Organization or WHO , Indonesia is included in the list of countries experiencing a very sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. Even the occupancy of beds at the Covid-19 hospital in Jakarta reached 91 percent and ICU occupancy reached 94 percent as of Wednesday, July 14, 2021. Scarcity of looking for oxygen also occurs everywhere. Nationally, the BOR per week has reached 77.07% on July 11, 2021.

It is planned that a total of 48 regencies/cities with a level 4 pandemic situation assessment and 74 regencies/cities with a level 3 pandemic situation assessment in Java and Bali will implement emergency PPKM.

The government also continues to innovate to find solutions so that people do not suffer prolonged due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One program that is run with discipline is PPKM level 4, and it continues to be extended every week . PPKM level 4 is a modification of the Emergency PPKM policy so that the pandemic can continue to be handled and the economy can also gradually recover slowly.

Spokesman for the Covid- 19 Handling Task Force, Dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro, said that the BOR at the Covid- 19 referral hospital was at 46.08% on August 12 , 2021 . The figure was down from the previous day’s 47.62%. Development of handling Covid latest 19 h ingga August 14, 2021, the occupancy rate of beds in hospital ( bed occupancy rate / BOR ) nationally continued to decline from the previous increase.

Meanwhile, the Governor of West Java , Ridwan Kamil, said that the PPKM that had been carried out for some time was considered to have produced positive results. The government’s efforts to suppress the spread of Covid-19 through PPKM have also succeeded in reducing the occupancy rate of beds in hospitals nationally.

This good news is very encouraging for all of us. Indeed, initially the implementation of PPKM, community activities had become hampered which affected the community’s economy. PPKM cannot be avoided because health and life are much more important. However, the government must also provide social assistance to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Covid-19 also has seen a bright spot will soon be over, and events Euro 2020 and then became evident that people in Europe have been able to move as before there is a pandemic . The key is herd immunity, therefore the government has also encouraged people to be enthusiastic about vaccination so that communal immunity and activities will run normally.

Currently, Jakarta and Bali are the highest provinces in vaccinating. We also encourage other provinces to follow suit so that herd immunity can be formed immediately so that Indonesia can get out of this pandemic . The public should not hesitate to vaccinate, because the breast milk vaccine is good, and it has been proven that the breast milk vaccine can minimize the effects of the Covid-19 virus so that death can be avoided.

The implementation of Emergency PPKM in stages has indeed shown results and one of them is a decrease in the number of daily cases and BOR . Although positive cases of Covid-19 are starting to decline, the government must remain careful and ensure that Covid-19 cases in Indonesia are fully under control.

)* The author is a Warganet living in Bogor

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