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Fight Hoaxes and Provocative Content Regarding Handling Covid-19


By: Made Raditya ) *

At a time when the government is struggling to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative effects in terms of health and economy, the public is also asked to help deal with the corona . You do this by not trusting hoaxes about corona and its handling that are milling about on social media. Don’t pass it on, because it will hinder the performance of the covid-19 task force team.

We are still fighting to avoid being exposed to corona and following government recommendations to comply with health protocols. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has launched the 3M program, namely washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining distance. Currently, the 2 points have even been added to 5M, which is reducing mobility and avoiding crowds.

Everything the government is doing is an effort to prevent the transmission of corona . However, these steps will be useless if not supported by public awareness. Already lazy to wear masks and obey other health protocols, they are still consumed by hoaxes and provocative content about corona . As a result, the number of Covid patients is increasing and it will be dangerous because the pandemic will have a longer duration.

Within a year the covid-19 pandemic there were various hoaxes about corona . First, fake news about the corona virus , which is said to be large and can penetrate a mask, so it’s useless to wear it. This hoax is very dangerous because it will make people believe and eventually become lazy about wearing masks. Even though not wearing a mask actually makes someone get corona .

The second hoax is about the halalness of the covid-19 vaccine, because it contains African green monkey cells and pig gelatin. This is also dangerous because it will make people afraid of being injected with vaccines, because they think it is haram. Even though the MUI has issued a fatwa that the Sinovac vaccine is halal, because in the manufacturing process it does not contain pork gelatin or monkey cells.

While there is more provocative content regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is that every patient who enters the hospital will be tested . Provocation like this is very inconsequential , because it seems as if everyone who is sick will be convicted of corona . Even though what is true is that if there are new patients, they are obliged to carry out a rapid test so that they know whether they have contracted the corona or not.

Hoaxes and provocative content are very frustrating because they can interfere with the government’s handling of the effects of a pandemic. Rizky Ika Safitri, Communication for Development Specialist UNICEF stated that hoaxes are dangerous because they cost lives. People lose their right to immunization and we can’t reach herd immunity because of hoaxes .

Rizky added, to prevent the spread of hoaxes , there needs to be education in the community. If there are parents who believe in fake news about corona , it is the teenagers who remind them. For the media, report in a strong and balanced manner. In that sense, don’t participate in spreading hoaxes just for the sake of being viral and click bait .

You can also prevent the transmission of corona hoaxes by not trusting in random broadcasts . If anyone spreads BC in the WA group, then check its validity first. Now the way to check it is easy because it can be via the Keminfo site or other valid websites. Don’t just share because if it’s fake news, then it’s tantamount to spreading hoaxes .

If anyone believes hoaks then let it slowly and Unhide the source of the original news. Be a good friend, who can rebuke his best friend, who almost falls into a hoax .

The existence of hoaxes and provocative content about corona is indeed annoying. The flow of information on social media and online news channels is really heavy, and we must be able to sort out what is good and what is hoax . Don’t believe the corona hoax because it will hinder the government’s performance in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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