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Fight Hoaxes and Support in Government Policies for the Growth of Indonesia


By: Anwar Ibrahim (Chair of the Tasikmalaya City Regional Independent Social Media Activist Forum)

The presence of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, line, WhatsApp, and so on makes it easier for people to get information than through printed media such as newspapers and magazines. However, the convenience that was obtained turned out to have a serious impact. Social media has turned out to be a fertile ground for hoaxes to grow. Several hoaxes are currently being spread, namely hoaxes regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Omnibus Law of the Job Creation Law.

From here, the role of Indonesian educated people is not to be easily led by opinions circulating on social media. It is not easy to believe the information that is being discussed in the community. This is because these educated people should have a critical attitude in seeing every problem that occurs around them. Should not be apathetic or accept what it is without analyzing, first studying every news that he consumes.

It is a great obligation of these educated people to bring society towards change for the better. In maintaining the comfort of the community regarding the prevalence of hoaxes, there are several things that need to be done, not the other way around participating in spreading and creating hoaxes.

First, be wise in utilizing social media, use it sparingly. Seeing how social media is currently a fertile ground for hoaxes to grow, so to prevent great opportunities for influence, we should limit it to more positive activities, such as reading books and so on.

Second, cultivate good and correct reading. In order to get the essence of a story, we are required to be thorough in understanding the entire text. So don’t read only a piece but in full from the title to the end of the sentence. So that you are not easily deceived by news headlines whose contents could be provocation.

Third, don’t spread hoax content. Don’t be tempted to share the link easily. It is dangerous if someone we think is educated even joins in spreading a hoax. Therefore, Indonesian millennial friends must really become filters in the midst of society. Provide credible information for the public. Become a shield in preventing hoaxes that try to destroy the order of Indonesian society.

Together with opponents of hoaxes and negative content regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Job Creation Law to support the government’s efforts to build public health and economic recovery through literacy and education on social media.

Do not let irresponsible individuals divide the brotherhood of the Indonesian nation. The current condition creates many difficulties, everything will feel more difficult if society is divided, but the sense of brotherhood and mutual respect must be strengthened from everything so that the Indonesian nation is able to face various problems of the country.

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