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Fighting Covid-19 Transmission by Not Participant in Homecoming event


By: Herlina Upi

The explosion of the Covid-19 case in India can be a bright mirror for our country in facing the moment of Eid 2021 this time. Of course, the policy to prohibit going home and limiting mobilization is a very appropriate policy. We need to have an attitude to maintain our own safety and of course those closest to us, namely our loved ones.

Let us look at India, which is now in the spotlight of world concern. This country of 1.393 billion people is in deep trouble. Many residents have contracted the Corona Virus, even the virus that attacks is not an ordinary Corona, but is far more violent and difficult to handle.

India started vaccination on January 16, 2021 and as of early March 2021 had covered about 18 million people who had been injected. But who would have thought, after the religious celebration of “Bathing Together” in the Indian Ganges River, it actually triggered the explosion of the Covid-19 transmission.

This needs to be realized with optimistic thinking to raise awareness of every level of society in fighting Covid-19. Especially to immediately cut the chain of transmission in this country we love, one of which is by not going back to my hometown for a while.

If we love them, their families or relatives at home, of course we must have the awareness not to go home in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic. Solely not because we don’t care for those at home, but this is a form of our love for them in order to protect them from the threat of the Corona Virus.

Fighting against the pandemic by protecting our loved ones begins with an idea of ​​how to foster a sense of solidarity, awareness, and active participation in fighting Covid-19 at this time of Eid, namely a shared awareness not to go home.

Indeed, when people do not meet their family and relatives for a long time, because traveling, such as working, studying and other activities that require living in another area, of course, have become compulsory for going home (returning to their hometown). It can also treat homesickness during separation due to distance. The desire to be together with all the loved ones is normal for migrants.

But let’s think carefully. If we go home and it turns out that we are positive for Covid-19 or even when we travel and are infected by the virus. Then we meet family and do the habits of the nomads, usually such as greetings and other activities that we have physical contact with our family. Then the virus that we carry will spread throughout the family. Surely our loved ones will be infected with this deadly virus.

Let us be heroes to protect ourselves and save our family, neighbors and all our relatives at home. In order to avoid Covid-19, it is time to grow resistance in your mind by not going home to prevent the second wave of Covid-19 transmission.

(Jakarta Citizen)

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