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Fighting Hoaxes and Provocative Content Regarding the Job Creation Law for the Recovery of the National Economy


By: Putri Yuanita) *
The government made a national economic recovery program so that the country’s financial condition quickly recovered, after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. One way to recover is by enacting the Job Creation Law. To make the implementation of this law a success, we must fight against hoaxes and provocative content.
The Job Creation Law is a law that regulates various sectors, from forestry to investment. With this law, there will be changes in the bureaucracy, so that the community will benefit. They do not need to take care of permits in a long time, so their business will run smoothly.
But unfortunately, this law is threatened by hoaxes, aka fake news that spreads in the community. The hoax makers deliberately made it so that the government was not supported. Even though the creation of the Job Creation Law is for the welfare of the people. So that hoaxes must be eradicated to the roots.
Head of the Industrial Relations and Social Security Division of the West Java Manpower and Transmigration Service, Hendra Gunawan, asked the public not to be triggered by hoaxes about the Job Creation Law, then spread it. If there is suspicious news, they should check and check it.
Hendra continued, the public is expected to disseminate valid and accountable information. In that sense, don’t be emotional and hurry and then press the share button without checking the truth. It turned out that what was being distributed was hoax about the Job Creation Law.
There are many hoaxes that unfortunately have circulated on social media. First, there is news that employees’ rights to leave work are being abolished. Even though this is wrong, because workers can still apply for leave. Because leave is the right of an employee and they have a maximum quota of 12 working days.
Then there is also a hoax that says the government is selling Indonesia by intensifying foreign investment. Whereas investment is a mutually beneficial cooperation system, not sales, let alone a new model of colonialism. After all, investment has existed since the New Order era, so people should be familiar with investment.
This kind of provocative content that the public must drive away. Because if it continues to circulate, both in cyberspace and in the real world, it will hinder the successful implementation of the Job Creation Law. If many believe in hoaxes, then they will demonstrate and strike, so that production is disrupted and the wheels of the economy may stall.
In addition, when many believe in the hoax of the Job Creation Law, they will disagree with other government programs. When the people do not obey, economic recovery will be very difficult. How can Indonesia progress if its citizens continue to be disobedient and unruly?
Therefore we are obliged to dispel hoaxes and provocative content in various ways. First, don’t be easy to believe if there is news circulating from the WA group to other groups. Check the truth on a special web to check for hoaxes. One of the characteristics of fake news is that it begins with words such as: critical, crazy, spread immediately, and other provocative diction.
In addition, when there is hoax content circulating on Facebook or Instagram, immediately click report. Then the FB or IG will read your report and take down the content, because it is proven to be fake news. Do not hesitate to report, because the effects of hoaxes are devastating. Clicking the report button only takes a few seconds, and the hoaxes will disappear in a few moments.
To succeed in the Job Creation Law, we need to beat hoaxes and provocative content. If there is a hoax circulating, then just report it to the social media manager. When you receive news from the forward results, don’t share it immediately. But check the truth first, so you don’t fall into hoaxes.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bandung

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