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Firm Action on KST Papuan Terrorists Hostage Pilot Susi Air


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The Susi Air plane was burned and the passengers taken hostage, including the pilot. This tense event occurred in Nduga Regency, Papua. The authorities moved quickly and took firm action against the KST who did it. This separatist group must be dealt with firmly and measurably so that they don’t kidnap them indiscriminately and tarnish Papua’s good name in the eyes of the world.

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is back in action and this time they are holding foreign pilots and passengers of Susi Air hostage in the Nduga region. The public criticized KST for always committing crimes. Moreover, the victims were civilians who knew nothing but became hostages of the separatist group.

The community strongly criticized the hostage taking carried out by KST because they kidnapped civilians who had nothing to do with the government or security forces. Moreover, one of the victims was still a baby. KST kidnapping is cruel and violates the boundaries of humanity.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri stated that the names of the passengers on the Susi Air plane were Demanus Gwijangge, Minda Gwijangge, Pelenus Gwijangge, Meita Gwijangge, and Wetina W. While the pilot’s name was Captain Phillips. 

While the chronology is as follows: the plane caught fire at 06.35 WIT. Initially, the Susi Air Pilatus Porter PC 6/PK-BVY aircraft at Paro Airport lost contact at around 06.17 WIT, while carrying out a flight on the Timika-Paro-Timika route carrying 5 passengers and luggage with a total load of 452 kg.

Two hours later Susi Air found the plane’s ELT in an active position at 09.12 WIT. The company then carried out an emergency situation internally by sending another plane to check the position of the plane and it was found to be on fire on the runway.

National Police Chief Gen. Listyo S Prabowo stated that the Carstensz Damai Operation team in Papua would be deployed to rescue the pilot and passengers of the Susi Air plane held hostage by KST in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua, Tuesday, 7 February 2023. 

General Listyo S Prabowo continued, currently he is currently being searched. The joint team from Operation Peace Carstensz is currently conducting a search operation. The results will be informed further.

In a sense, the government did not remain silent when KST took hostages of airplane pilots and passengers. Even though one of them is a foreigner, they still have to be saved, because the incident happened in Indonesia. Their safety must come first.

KST must be dealt with firmly so that it doesn’t go around kidnapping and burning planes. What’s more, what was burned was a commercial plane, not owned by the government (a state-owned company), so it had nothing to do with the central government.

The Joint Team of Carstensz Peaceful Operations continues to search the Nduga area and its surroundings and they are determined to find the KST headquarters, which is suspected to be where the victims were hiding. The search continues so that the victims return safely, especially for those who are still babies.

When later meeting with the KST, the apparatus is allowed to take decisive, measurable action. The reason is because they are terrorists who have the heart to burn planes and kidnap passengers and pilots ruthlessly. Only with firm action can KST be eradicated and it will not repeat its crimes.

Egianus Kogoya as the leader of KST must be responsible for releasing the victims including the pilot. So far there has been communication with his party and he stated that he would stop the hostage-taking, on the condition that Papua would be liberated. His request will never be granted because Papua is a legal part of Indonesia. Indigenous Papuans are very nationalistic and don’t want to be persuaded by KST.

To face the KST led by Egianus Kogoya, you can use the old method. They once kidnapped Papuan workers and were eventually released, with the approach of community leaders and religious leaders. Currently, apart from deploying security forces, community leaders can also be sent to approach Egianus Kogoya to free the victims.

Religious leaders and community leaders are expected to help eradicate KST, because they are good citizens and nationalists. With its influence, KST will soften and then release the hostage passengers. Especially if these characters still have the same surname or are closely related, and their seduction will be easier to get KST to stop their atrocities.

The hostage-taking of a number of passengers on the Susi Air plane shocked the people of Papua. Moreover, some of them are still babies. The Papuan people hope that the passengers will be quickly released by the KST led by Egianus Kogoya, and he will not repeat this again. KST must be eradicated so as not to create riots or kidnappings throughout the Cendrawasih Earth.

KST must be eradicated and warned loudly because this time their mistake was very fatal: setting fire to a private airline’s plane and kidnapping the passengers and the pilot. The authorities are trying hard to find the victims to be released quickly. KST will be dealt with strictly measurably so as not to endanger the people of Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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