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Formation of 4 new autonomous regions to accelerate development in Papua


By: TImotius Gobay )*

Papua officially has 4 New Autonomous Regions (DOBs), namely the Provinces of Central Papua, South Papua, Central Highlands Papua and the last one that was passed into law was the Province of Southwest Papua. The formation of the four provinces is to accelerate development in Cendrawasih Earth. With the new province, the area is narrower, and it makes it easier to manage the community and increase the infrastructure.

The Papuan people’s request was fulfilled when the government inaugurated 4 new autonomous regions. Papua Island which covers more than 400,000 km2 is too big if it only has 2 provinces (Papua and West Papua). Therefore, it is necessary to expand the area so that the community is more prosperous, because the management is easier (thanks to the close proximity to the provincial government office). In addition, the aspirations of the Papuan people have been answered.

Acting governors have also been appointed, namely Rebekah Haluk as acting Governor of Central Papua Province, Apolo Sapanfo as acting Governor in South Papua, Nikolaus K as acting in Central Highlands Papua and Muhammad Musa’ad as acting Governor of Southwest Papua Province.  

Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian stated that the formation of the new autonomous regions of Papua was to accelerate development in these areas, as well as to achieve equitable distribution of development to remote areas of Papua. It can also improve people’s welfare. In a sense, when there is a new province, development will be accelerated. The reason is because there is an APBD budget and additional APBN funds from the central government.

Logically, so far Papua has only had 2 provinces, and APBN funds from both have been turned into infrastructure and facilities for all the people of Cendrawasih. But when there are 6 provinces because there are new new autonomous regions, the amount of APBN funds increases. Automatically the construction will increase because the funds increase.

Development in Papua really needs to be increased so that it is evenly distributed. So, not only big cities like Jayapura or Merauke have good infrastructure. But also other areas such as Nabire, Yahukimo, etc. Equitable development is needed so that the community can progress.

The development needed by the community is not only in the form of roads and bridges, but also school buildings. If there is a new province, new school buildings will be built, starting from kindergarten to high school. Papuan children can go to school there and do not have to go to another city because there is no high school in their area.

To pay their tuition fees, they can apply for a special autonomy scholarship (otsus). With this scholarship, you don’t have to think about school fees anymore. Scholarships are also available for Papuan children who wish to study, both in Papua and Java, and even abroad. 

With the construction of schools plus scholarships, Papuans will be more advanced because their mindset has changed and they have become more positive and modern. Those with high diplomas can easily get jobs. Or, they can also start a business and become entrepreneurs who have high income. His standard of living will increase.

Acceleration of development is also carried out for the distribution of electricity and telecommunications networks. Electricity and telephone and internet signals must be evenly distributed. The goal is for Papuan children to learn through educational videos on the internet. Equality must be carried out in all fields because the people of Papua are the people of Indonesia.

The Papuan people also welcome the New Autonomous Region in Papua. 

Herman Yoku as a member of the MRP Pokja Adat said that the new autonomous region is here for the welfare of Papua. He invited residents to unite to build their respective regions in a better direction, according to the new province that had been formed.

Development throughout Papua is a way to advance its people. With grant funds, it can be used for infrastructure development and facilities for the people. Especially when there is no distribution of APBN funds because the province has just been established, so there must be an adjustment and a waiting period.

If the grant funds have been submitted, they will be directly used for the benefit of the Papuan people. For example, for the development of health facilities such as hospitals and health centers, which are complete with medical equipment and experienced medical personnel. With so many Community Health Centers, the community will stay healthy, especially when there are still threats of diseases such as corona and malaria.

The Papua provincial government also promised to supervise and provide assistance so that the three new autonomous regions leaders could carry out their duties smoothly. With this help they don’t feel alone. Rather, they will be grateful for making their tasks easier and smoother, and not facing a long bureaucracy.

The formation of the 4 new autonomous regions in Papua will have a positive impact on all the Papuan people. First, there will be construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and school buildings. Mobility is smooth and Papuan children can go to high school. They can also become graduates with the help of special autonomy scholarships. With an undergraduate degree, they get jobs and change their lives for the better.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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