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Fully Supported by PBESI, Indonesia Has the Opportunity to Win the IESF 2022 General Champion


The steps of the Indonesian National Team in the IESF world championship 2022 to become the overall champion are getting wider.

This can be seen from the various wins of the Indonesian national team from various divisions of the 2022 IESF World Championship in Bali.

Several Indonesian representatives at the IESF 14th World Esports Championships Bali 2022 have won, starting from the Dota 2 team, Mobile Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Female.

The Indonesian MLBB national team managed to crush the Cambodian team in the upper bracket final and managed to qualify for the grand final. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Dota 2 Team won easily over Algeria with a score of 2-0.

One of the Indonesian Mobile Legends National Team rosters, Jabran ‘Branz’ Bagus said he was pleased with the results achieved with his colleagues for the Team’s entry into the IESF 2022 grand final.

“We can’t be complacent, we will try our best to get the gold,” said Branz.

Slightly different from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Female team. Even though they had suffered defeat in the upper bracket by Poland, these heroines were able to get back on their feet. They successfully slaughtered Namibia in the lower bracket, with a final score of 2-0.

Roster CS: GO Female Indonesia Dhammamitta said the key to victory was self-confidence. The victory over Namibia, according to Dhammamitta, also added confidence to him and the team for the next match.

“We’re also having fun playing, we’re PD, we’re moving forward, I feel that this can build our chemistry too. We are also not afraid to pick again, so I believe this can be better for the next one,” he added.

The victory of the Indonesian Team from various divisions cannot be separated from the role of PBESI in providing direction and coaching for the Indonesian Team.

PBESI under the leadership of Budi Gunawan will fully support and provide the necessary facilities to develop the potential that exists for Indonesian esports.

Head Coach of the Indonesian Esports National Team, Yohannes P Siagian, revealed that Indonesia’s opportunities to achieve achievements are still wide open.

He hopes that the team will remain confident and remain aware of all the opponents they face.

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