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G20 An Inter-Community Event for World Communities to Voice Peace


By: Dwi Cahya Alfarizi)*

Indonesia’s G20 presidency is able to become an arena for movement between world communities to continue to voice peace. Even without having to know each other’s personal identity attributes first, because the pure spirit is to help each other.

The G20 Forum which will be held in Bali on 15 and 16 November 2022 will begin with a people to people movement. One of them is by holding a movement between world musicians who are members of Music 20 (M-20). Indeed, so far it cannot be denied that one of the things that drives and unifies society itself can be said to be through music.

It is as if music or musicians have their own role and power to be very influential in people’s hearts, even under certain conditions capable of initiating certain movements. So it seems to have its own charm to arouse the heart.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir explained that the people to people movement in the G-20 forum provides an opportunity for people between countries to be actively involved. If so far the G-20 forum has been closely related to meetings between the elites of a country’s government, then the Indonesian G-20 forum has more inclusive meetings involving various groups, one of which is musicians.

Moreover, with the power of music and musicians, usually people who can be said will continue to tend to live in groups to be more fluid and even able to momentarily forget some of their own background identities when it comes to musical tastes. People will no longer discuss about any background identities and they feel that music is able to represent their unity.

Because it should be a meeting between countries, especially if the goal is to produce a solution to various problems and crises currently being faced by the world, then it is fitting that the meeting or discussion is not only attended by elites.

In fact, far from that, the role of the community which has a very large number is also crucial because if only these problems are thought about by the elite but never involve the community in it, it will have the potential to cause new problems in other forms.

In addition, whatever solutions are presented by the elites, if they do not get the approval and support of the community at all, it will also appear that they will not have much impact or effect on changing the situation. On the other hand, if a policy gets full support from the community, then the government itself will also be very easy to execute it so that the realization of the policy will be more targeted and tend to be easy to get the good impact.

Minister Erick even had time to state some of his conversations with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, who firmly stated that the G20 should not only be attended or involve heads of state with serious political issues and even potentially leave the involvement of the wider community.

In fact, President Jokowi really hopes and continues to encourage movements from the people themselves to be able to gather and be involved in every policy formulated by the elites. At least it is in his involvement when attending discussions and supporting programs initiated by the government.

Erick explained that he had discussions with musical figures such as Tantowi Yahya, Chandra Darusman, and Triawan Munaf. It was from this musical figure that the idea was proposed to gather world musicians in the M-20. The world musician will make a movement to voice issues related to the latest global developments.

Moreover, usually artists and musicians have their own authentic thoughts that tend to be unique and seem out of the box when discussing something, which is very likely to turn out to be completely unthinkable by other people before so that it becomes an interesting discussion or discussion material for itself. create change and good.

The two main issues that will be raised are those related to peace and the environment. The M-20 movement repeats the success of the 1980s musician movement which had launched a project entitled “We are the World.” Erick Thohir continued that indeed at that time there was a very extraordinary project from musicians on world issues, which if correlated with the current situation, should also be able to succeed because there was an agreement between world musicians to create a wave of unity, the environment etc.

According to Erick, the M-20 is an implementation of Jokowi’s message that the G-20 event really gives an effective message to the world community. In addition to events for musicians, the people to people movement also targets the movements of world religious leaders who are members of Religion 20 or (R-20). So that many global issues will be discussed, including those concerning peace by trying to first remove individual attributes.

It is undeniable, the G20 is able to become the best momentum for the creation of a movement between the world’s communities to continue to voice eternal peace without first looking at what each other’s background is with the main spirit being to help each other as human beings.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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