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G20 Encourages Space Industry Development


By: Dewi Ayuningtyas *)

The G20 presidency does not only discuss economic and development issues, but also discusses space management in the third Space Economy Leaders Meeting (Space20) which will be held on 27-28 October 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the two previous meetings, Space20 has been held in Saudi Arabia and Italy which discussed in-depth issues related to the space economy and the space environment. Space20 itself is an international collaborative effort of the G20 countries, especially in the field of space to build economic and environmental-based space.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Space Agency (INASA), Erna Sri Adiningsih explained that this third meeting was more focused on two sessions. First, the Space Agency Session which discussed priority issues in the space economy sector, in particular emphasizing the theme of Space for Digital, Green, and Blue Economy and space technology which is a strategic asset of a country’s defense and security to establish several space recommendations that are beneficial to other countries. G20 countries. Second, the Space Industrial Session, which will be attended by the aerospace industry sector from start-ups to large industries, includes 20 Heads of Space Agency-level Ministers of G20 member countries, 5 countries outside the G20 members, industry leaders, and international space organizations in developing countries. G20 member countries.

Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko, said that BRIN is not only concerned with space research and innovation, but also takes advantage of the Space20 meeting to collaborate with the international space industry in order to encourage young people to develop space startups.

Laksana Tri Handoko added that the Covid19 pandemic was a lesson for all countries, especially Indonesia, that the world is currently transitioning community activities from conventional to digital. Advances in the field of space in Indonesia not only have an impact on space technology and applications but also have an economic impact. For example, the SATRIA national satellite program which is currently being developed can encourage the transformation of the digital economy. In addition, Indonesia also plans to develop the launch of 19 satellite constellations for remote sensing missions and increase the capacity of communication satellites. Therefore, it is urgently needed good connectivity through qualified space technology from the readiness of infrastructure and space technology.

If connectivity is considered good enough, it will increase the ease of access to satellite communications which can create business opportunities and encourage multinational start-ups to commercialize space assets. Moreover, so far America, China, and the European Union have dominated the economy and space technology. Therefore, the G20 Presidency needs to bring about a new transformation in developing the space sector that not only includes satellites and global transportation, but also becomes part of human needs such as navigation of goods and services, GPS, weather forecasting, communications, air traffic management, agriculture, monitoring climate and environmental changes, financial transactions, to telemedicine.

With the holding of Space20, it is hoped that the space industry will strengthen and open strategic partnerships to promote the Indonesian space sector, including encouraging public and private bodies to open services and develop space applications. This meeting is also expected to encourage G20 member countries to create special programs and policies for the younger generation in developing business start-ups with space organizations as business incubators as well as providing easy access to components and marketing of space products by young start-ups so that they can encourage success. digital, blue, and green economy.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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