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G20 Forms Indonesia’s Great Contribution to Southeast Asia and Indo-Pacific Peace


By : Salsa Aulia *)

The Group of Twenty (G20) is a form of real and great contribution from Indonesia for the realization of peace throughout the Southeast Asia region and also the Indo-Pacific because of its position as a country that cannot be underestimated.

Indonesia is indeed a country that has always asserted itself not to be in any bloc or non-aligned, moreover, it has become the ideals of the founders of the previous Nation to create a world full of peace and avoid all forms of potential conflicts. It is even stated in the preamble to the 1945 Constitution that one of the goals of this nation is to be able to achieve lasting peace in the world.

By pocketing this mission, Indonesia, which became the Presidency at the G20 Summit (Summit) indeed has a contribution that cannot be underestimated. In fact, various things have also been done directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, by visiting areas that are in conflict through his state visit and stating even urging that peace be carried out between the two parties.

Indonesia’s position in the eyes of the world has also become very strong because it can be seen from how many other countries strongly support and give appreciation to this nation. Even mentioning the state visits that have been made by President Jokowi in three East Asian countries such as China, Japan to South Korea, including his visits to Russia and Ukraine which are indeed in conflict, it turns out that the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia always gets a very positive response and always ends. with various agreements.

In relation to the conflict that occurred in Russia and Ukraine itself, Indonesia has very firmly called for the war to be stopped immediately because it will certainly have a huge impact on global stability at large. Even President Jokowi himself also firmly stated that war would only afflict mankind and endanger the world.

It’s not just about security stability, but President Jokowi also once called for the same thing when he gave a speech at the opening of the meeting of the Ministers of Finance and the Governors of the G20 Central Banks. He stated that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict would also certainly disrupt the efforts to recover the economy, which many countries have been pursuing so far after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in the last two years.

In this case, of course, Indonesia has a greater responsibility, especially in Southeast Asia and also the Indo-Pacific from various things, ranging from the economy to maintaining order or peace between countries within it. Therefore, all efforts will continue to be made to be able to keep the entire region stable, peaceful and prosperous.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Retno Marsudi stated that precisely in the midst of a precarious situation as it is today and how the attitudes of some countries are filled with psychological rivalries, Indonesia has even led to things that are not healthy anymore, Indonesia actually has a very reverse attitude. Because this nation will continue to actively cooperate and also continue to spread the spirit of solidarity and peace.

It should also be noted that Indonesia itself is the largest country in ASEAN, which has several strategic roles at once, mainly in several environments such as in the South China Sea. How not, because there is news that the United States (US) has made strong criticism of China for claiming the region on the basis of the history of the nine-dash line. The claim made by China was immediately rejected by the International Court of Arbitration on the grounds that its legal basis was unclear. The US, too, gave sharp criticism for considering China had violated international law.

With the potential and risk of conflict that could occur, because the militaries of both countries, namely the US and China are directly present in the South China Sea, there is also a high possibility that conflict will break out and spread to the Natuna Islands. In this regard, Indonesia as the largest ASEAN country has a very strategic role and position to be able to reduce conflicts that might occur.

The second case is how Indonesia plays an important role in peace efforts in Myanmar because if the conflict there continues, it will certainly shake the stability of ASEAN as well. Indonesia continues to strive to be able to restore the power of the military junta in Myanmar to be given to the civilian government because the junta regime is considered to have committed so many gross human rights violations that the opposition is also forced to carry out armed resistance.

It is undeniable that Indonesia, which is the senior and largest country in the ASEAN region, will continue to lead in creating a climate of peace and maintaining stability for all countries in the region without exception. As the G20 Presidency as well, then the contribution of this nation is very large for Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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