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G20 Forum Momentum Shows Indonesia’s Excellence


By: Savira Ayu)*

The G20 Summit will be held in November 2022. This momentum is a golden opportunity for Indonesia to show its superiority, especially in terms of handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indonesia has the best momentum to show its superiority in the eyes of other countries. How not, because Indonesia was given the trust to become a leading country or presidency in the international meeting. Especially lately, after the last two years of struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s time for Indonesia to show its spurs and also show how to successfully handle the pandemic.

Even in the midst of various countries that are still difficult to survive the pandemic, the biggest challenge is precisely how these countries are able to rise up after the pandemic and get the economy back on track. On that occasion, the Government was able to prove itself to be a successful leader, especially in moving the wheels of the economy back after the pandemic in Indonesia.

This was explicitly stated by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno at the UN session while in New York. For him, the best momentum for the nation is when he becomes the G20 presidency, it can be used to show how successful Indonesia is, including in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, it will not only be the presidency, but Indonesia will also host the celebration of World Tourism Day. Therefore, socialization needs to be carried out continuously considering that the event has many positive contributions, especially to economic recovery.

So far, preparations for the G20 Summit have been prepared by the Government, particularly through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, which has consistently raised the wheels of the economy. Accelerating economic recovery is really needed in order to quickly move from the crisis after the pandemic. The government continues to intensify the new economic order and the creation of job opportunities and business opportunities. All for the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Not only Sandiaga Uno, but the Expert Staff of the Minister of Finance for Financial Services and Capital Markets, Suminto, stated that the G20 Summit was very useful. The positive effect is especially in the field of leadership or leadership at the global level. In addition, of course, the positive image of the homeland will definitely improve in the eyes of the world and the level of self-confidence of the Indonesian state will certainly increase as well.

Besides the success of handling the Covid-19 pandemic, another thing that can be shown in the eyes of the world is how the development progress of the country of Indonesia is. Of course, this must also be able to attract investment from various parties. With the big theme brought by Indonesia in the G20 forum, namely “Recover Stronger, Recover Together”, it is clear that the main goal or vision and mission of the forum is how all countries in the G20 can achieve revival together. and able to become stronger after the pandemic.

There are at least three main pillars that will be brought by Indonesia in the forum, namely the first is to build economic productivity, then the second is after the economic productivity rises. However, this depends on how to improve economic and financial stability because the economy must continue to be considered in the long term and not just bounce back momentarily.
The third pillar is what we want to dream of in the future, namely encouraging sustainable economic growth.
Of course, not only in the economic field alone, but politically strategically it will certainly benefit Indonesia, including in the health sector, namely with the aim of Indonesia being able to increase vaccination equality for all countries, where it turns out that several countries still do not have access to comprehensive vaccines for all countries. the entire population.

The G20 Summit not only demonstrated Indonesia’s development excellence, but also Indonesia’s expertise in leading international forums. Therefore, full support from the community is needed for the organization of the forum so that it can run safely and smoothly.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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