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Government Firmly Takes Action on KSP


By: Moses Waker) *

The Papuan Separatist Group got even more nonsense by shooting the Head of Papua, Brig. Gen. I Gusti Putu, Danny. Two days later, the KSP also shot Polri personnel on behalf of Bharada Komang. They also set fire to the school building, so the students cried seeing it. The KSP atrocities cannot be tolerated and the government has promised to take firm action against the separatist group.

Papuan separatist groups are cronies of the Papuan independent organization. They obtained weapons from the black market and used them to frighten the people, as well as against members of the TNI. The presence of the KSP is certainly unsettling, because over time they have been rampant, shooting several times at the authorities and also civilians. Also set fire to the school building.

In the Puncak area, Papua, a heart-breaking tragedy occurred when the KSP shot 2 teachers, named Oktavianus and Jonathan Renden. In addition, they also vomited bullets at a high school student named Ali Mom. Of course they immediately lost their lives as a result of bleeding out, after being drained and did not receive immediate medical care.

Although they argued that the shooting occurred because they were suspected of being spies, the KSP was guilty. Because they are just civilians. It just so happened that the student who became a victim often went to the TNI headquarters, because he wanted to become a soldier. But he was even suspected by the KSP who was paranoid, and had to die at the age of 16.

The crackdown on the KSP is a serious agenda. President Jokowi ordered TNI members to take firm action against the KSP. He realized that the area where the conflict was (Puncak Regency) was a very vulnerable place. The challenge is the difficult terrain, so it is rather difficult for TNI members to carry out attack operations.

KSP must indeed be eradicated because they have made the community feel insecure. When a teacher is shot, what about other civilians? They could have been hit by bullets because they were suspected of being intelligence or spies from the TNI, when in fact they were not. KSP is getting crazy and afraid of being overreacted, so they take super extreme actions.

How could they have the heart to kill their own tribe, even though they were innocent? The two teachers and students certainly did not have firearms or sharp weapons to be shot, so they could not protect themselves. The attack from the KKB was also sudden, so they couldn’t escape to save his life.

The KSP needs to be eradicated as soon as possible, because this is not the only time they have shot civilians. Some time ago, they shot a motorcycle taxi driver. The accusation was still the same, he was mistaken for a spy from the police or the army, even though he was an ordinary civilian.

Komjen Paulus Waterpauw, Kabaintelkam Polri, stated that the KSP had made a mess because there was no other job. Therefore, all parties must help eradicate the KSP so that they will disappear from the Cendrawasih Earth. In that sense, to overcome the actions of the KSP, it is not only the responsibility of the apparatus, but civil society can also contribute.

The community can help eradicate the KSP by providing information to the authorities. When there are suspicious transactions or events, they can quickly call members of the TNI, so that the KSP crimes can be prevented. Don’t just ignore it.

In addition, the community also supports the elimination of KSP from the land of Papua, because they are tired of being afraid. The KSP terror was carried out for more than 20 years and has caused a lot of financial losses, injuries, and casualties. Therefore, all parties must be united against the KSP.

The eradication of the KSP is homework for the regional governments of Papua and West Papua, as well as members of the TNI who maintain security in Cendrawasih Earth. Don’t let the KSP act again and claim lives. This criminal group must be eliminated to its roots, so that terror will no longer destroy the mentality of the Papuan people.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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