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Government Increases Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts


By: Siti Aisyah)*

Vaccination is now mandatory if we want to be free from Corona. Government. The public is also asked to participate in the program because the Government continues to increase efforts to vaccinate Covid-19 so that communal immunity is quickly formed.

Have you got the vaccine? Currently, many people are half scrambling to get a vaccination slot, because they want to be free of corona immediately. Moreover, the Covid vaccine is 100% free of charge by the government and is halal by the MUI and has passed the BPOM test, so that people no longer hesitate to get it.

At the start of the national vaccination program, the Ministry of Health targeted that this program would be completed within 18 months. However, President Joko Widodo wanted to go even faster, so the target was revised to only 12 months. If a year of vaccination is carried out 100%, then group immunity will be formed and we can be free from corona as soon as possible.

After there is an accelerated target, it is planned that there will be 1 million injections per day, throughout Indonesia. However, there is another effort to increase vaccination, so that it is increased to 3 million injections per day. The reason is that the number of Indonesian citizens is very large, more than 220 million people, so the more people who are injected, the faster the vaccination will be completed.

So what is the strategy to achieve the target of 3 million injections per day? First, mass vaccination is carried out, aka immediately given to hundreds of people. Usually done in the hall or GOR. The reason is because if you only rely on vaccination at the Puskesmas, the capacity is only small, as a result, only a few people get the injection.

Mass vaccination usually works with the authorities and the community is very enthusiastic because they can get injections quickly. Even though there are many people, it is still safe because it is in accordance with health protocols, and all of them are required to wear masks, wash their hands, and keep their distance. Seats for queuing are also spaced so they don’t get too close together and create a crowd.

The next step to increase vaccination is mutual cooperation vaccination. With this vaccination, it will accelerate because there are 2 routes, namely national vaccination and mutual cooperation. This vaccination is coordinated by the company and employees do not have to worry because it is also free, because the costs are already covered.

In addition, mutual cooperation vaccination is also supervised by the Ministry of Health directly so that it is completely safe. Employees don’t have to be afraid if they get their turn for injection at a place designated by the company, because the contents of the vaccine ampoules are as effective as those in the national vaccination program, although the brand may be different.

The third step taken by the government to accelerate the national vaccination program is door-to-door vaccination. The program which was initially initiated by BIN was later appreciated by the government and will be implemented in more areas in Indonesia. With the door-to-door vaccination, it will make it easier for the community, because medical officers come to the place.

Door to door vaccinations are also held in schools, so that students over the age of 12 can get their right to be injected. They are happy because they can be vaccinated without being confused about having to show ID cards, because most mass vaccination forms require it.

Various methods are used to accelerate vaccination, so that we can get herd immunity next year and be free of corona as soon as possible. Starting from the national vaccination program, mutual cooperation vaccinations, to door-to-door vaccinations, this is done so that the 12-month target can be achieved. So that everyone is healthy and no longer afraid of corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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