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Government Optimally Accelerate Covid-19 Vaccination


By: Aulia Eve )*
The national vaccination program is being intensified so that it can be completed more quickly. Later when communal immunity has been formed, we can be free from the terrible pandemic period. To speed up vaccination, there are several strategies carried out by the government, and the community is cooperative according to the time of being vaccinated.
Have you been vaccinated? Currently vaccination is mandatory. In addition to increasing immunity from the covid-19 virus, a vaccine card is a requirement that must be shown before boarding a plane and entering the mall. The covid vaccination is also free, halal, and has passed the BPOM test, so people are excited to get it.
At the start of the pandemic, the government’s target was 1 million injections per day and was expected to be completed within 18 months. However, in the end this target was revised by the Ministry of Health, on the orders of President Jokowi. He wants the national vaccination to be completed in just 12 months. So that the injection is increased to 2 million vaccines per day.
To achieve the target, the Ministry of Health cooperates with various agencies. Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health’s covid vaccination, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, stated that the Ministry of Health is trying to achieve the target of 2 million injections per day. This is done by collaborating with the private sector, mass organizations, the TNI, and also the police.
Assistance from the TNI and Polri is very important for the success of accelerating the national vaccination target, because in remote areas they help in the distribution. With the help of the authorities, the spread of the vaccine will take place safely. So that even in remote areas like Merauke, the stock of ampoules for the covid vaccine will be distributed.
When vaccine supplies are available, even in Sabang, all Indonesian citizens will get their rights in the health sector. They will be vaccinated without having to wait for months, because the delivery of vaccine stock is always on time. So outside Java, Covid cases will be under control, because many people have been injected with the Corona vaccine.
In addition, the TNI and Polri also assist the government in accelerating the completion of the national vaccination target by organizing mass vaccinations. The implementation is usually done in the field and the queue is more orderly, because the committee is very disciplined. In a sense, there is no crowd because the officers are on guard and provide seats 1 meter apart for queuing.
BIN also helps in accelerating the target of 2 million vaccine injections per day, by holding door to door vaccinations. They pick up the ball or come directly to villages and housing, and hold vaccinations there. That way, people can get vaccinations and save on transportation costs.
Assistance from the Police, TNI, and BIN, is their commitment to the success of government programs and shows their commitment to securing the community, especially in the health sector. The apparatus are the people’s friends, so it is only natural that they will participate in national vaccination services, and hope that this program will be completed quickly. The community is also happy because the apparatus is helping the government, so that the pandemic can be ended quickly.
Meanwhile, the private sector also helps in the success of the acceleration of the injection target, by administering vaccinations. As one of the transportation companies did. They vaccinate all employees, as well as outsiders. This vaccination is carried out by means of a drive thru so that it takes place quickly and does not create a crowd.
Various parties, from the government to the private sector, have helped the government in accelerating the national vaccination target. Everyone is collaborating so that the community is always healthy and free from Corona. If these programs are successful, then we are optimistic that we will reach the target of 2 million injections per day and can be completed in just 12 months.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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