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Government Optimally Accelerating Vaccination to Get Herd Immunity


By: Faldiaz Anggayana)*
The national vaccination program is being boosted so that it can be completed more quickly, so that collective immunity is achieved and the pandemic condition can end. The government has several strategies to accelerate vaccination, by securing vaccine stocks and establishing vaccination centers.
We are tired of facing the pandemic that has occurred for 1.5 years and want to be free from the terrible threat of corona as soon as possible. Therefore, the government is increasingly active in promoting vaccination, as one of the most effective programs to ward off the COVID-19 virus. Vaccines are 100% free and given to the community so that they get a good immune system.
Accelerating vaccination is the goal of the government and the Ministry of Health is working hard to achieve the target. Initially, the Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, targeted 18 months after vaccination, but it was finally revised to 12 months, after receiving a warning from President Jokowi. He wants collective immunity to be formed immediately, so that we can move the wheels of the country’s economy again.
The government’s first strategy in accelerating vaccination is to increase the stock of COVID-19 vaccines. Initially we used Sinovac (made in China) but then other brands were imported, such as AstraZaneca, Pfizer, and Moderna. The goal is to increase the supply of vaccines and not only rely on one brand.
The government will also bring in 5 million doses of Sinovac vaccine at once, this August. Head of BPOM Penny Lukito explained that this vaccine is in ready-to-use form and 1 ampoule contains 1 milliliter. This time the vaccine can be injected directly, not in bulk form or vaccine material (which must be processed in the lab first), so that it can be distributed throughout Indonesia.
Meanwhile, the second strategy to accelerate national vaccination is to create a vaccination center. SOE Minister Erick Thohir stated that there would be 3 vaccination centers in East Java and West Java and 15,000 doses of vaccine would be prepared. So that people who will be vaccinated can directly come there and get an injection and good immunity.
With the existence of a vaccination center, the injection will be completed more quickly, because mass vaccinations are carried out there. In addition, data collection is also better because it uses a digital system, and those who have been vaccinated immediately get a certificate from the Peduli Protect application.
Technology and digitization have also helped in national vaccination and in West Java it has been carried out by a private transportation company. They carry out mass vaccinations using a drive thru system so that queues run quickly and safely, and avoid the formation of crowds. Before vaccination there is a pre-screening with telemedicine so it is safe (because it does not have direct contact with health workers).
West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil praised the drive-thru vaccination program because the sooner those who are vaccinated, the more residents will receive injections. In addition, not only the company drivers are vaccinated, but also the general public, thus helping the government to accelerate the national vaccination program.
In addition, there is also a door-to-door vaccination program initiated by BIN, so that medical personnel directly come to the community. In villages, housing estates, and schools, they come with cars that are complete with medical equipment, so that many people get vaccines without having to leave their environment. This program is very helpful because it makes it easier for those who have difficulty getting transportation.
The national vaccination program is being boosted and the target is 3 million injections a day, so we can quickly gain collective immunity. The more that is injected, the faster the target is achieved. The government is happy because many parties are helping to make this program a success.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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