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Government Optimally Implements Vaccination Programs


By: Dodik Prasetyo) *

National vaccinations will be the focus of the government in 2021. This program must be 100% successful so that group immunity is immediately formed, so that more people will be free of corona and we are free from the pandemic phase. Vaccination must be carried out optimally and as quickly as possible, so that all Indonesian people are healthy.

Vaccination is the process of inserting a vaccine into the human body so that it is immune to certain diseases. The national vaccination program has been implemented in Indonesia since the beginning of 2021, and the person who got it for the first time was President Jokowi.
So all people in society can watch it and see that there are no negative effects of vaccination, thus increasing confidence in it.
The government tries to be optimal in implementing the vaccination program. One way is to shorten queues, because the problem in Indonesia is not a shortage of vaccine stocks. But it has a large population (more than 220 million people). If calculated, the national vaccination will only be completed 18 months after January 2021.

However, President Jokowi did not want to wait that long, because he wanted the pandemic to end soon and we could boost the economy again. Finally, to overcome this, an independent vaccination route was created. Employees can get vaccines and are coordinated by the office, so queues are getting shorter. Because they don’t have to wait for an invitation to vaccinate at the Puskesmas.

Although coordinated by the office, it is still under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. So it is ensured that there are no errors during independent vaccination. All procedures, from the location to the injecting health personnel, have been arranged by the Ministry of Health. Vaccines are obtained from Bio Farma distributors and employees just waiting for their turn to be injected (usually in private hospitals).

For vaccinators, aka medical personnel who inject vaccines, Deputy Health Minister, Doctor Harbuwono, stated that 31,000 health workers have been prepared for the national vaccination program throughout Indonesia. Vaccine preparation is very important, because their job is of utmost importance, to inject vaccines quickly and safely. So that professional health workers are needed at work.

For national vaccination, the government has prepared several types of vaccines. The first to arrive is the Sinovac vaccine from China. This vaccine has received permission from the BPOM and has the halal status of MUI, because it is made from an attenuated virus. So that people, especially Muslims, don’t have to be afraid of their halal status, even though they come from China.

Meanwhile, another vaccine that also came in stock was AstraZeneca. This vaccine comes from the UK and its efficacy is even higher than Sinovac, which is more than 70%. AstraZeneca vaccines are also halal, and people are expected not to be afraid of being vaccinated. They also do not question whether Sinovac or AstraZeneca vaccines are injected, because MUI has guaranteed them.

The halalness of vaccines is a question of some people. But if it is halal for MUI, of course there is no doubt. Because now is a critical pandemic era, vaccination is a must. Don’t ignore the babble of anti-vaccines who insist that vaccines are dangerous or haram, because the proof is that people who want to worship in Mecca are required by the Saudi government, must be vaccinated against corona.

After vaccination, it is hoped that the community should not be negligent. Maintain health protocols and increase immunity by eating 4 healthy 5 perfect. Also maintaining environmental and body hygiene. Vaccination does increase immunity, but we shouldn’t ignore protocol, to stay healthy.

The national vaccination program is being taken seriously by the Indonesian government. So that all Indonesian citizens get their right to be injected and can be corona free. When everyone is vaccinated, herd immunity will be formed and we can end the pandemic period as soon as possible.

) * The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Studies Institute (LSISI)

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