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Government Policies to Effectively Control Covid-19


By: Lisa Pamungkas )*

The control of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is the best in ASEAN countries. Evidence that the Government’s strategy has been very effective in reducing the transmission of active cases in Indonesia.

The decision taken by the Government regarding the easing of community activities, in particular the permission for the community to travel back and forth for Lebaran in 2022, is certainly not an arbitrary thing. The reason is that everything has gone through careful calculations from the Government.

With the adoption of this policy, there can be no doubt that the handling of the pandemic carried out by the Government of Indonesia so far can be said to be very good. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said that the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia itself was increasingly showing signs of improving.

As data submitted by Coordinating Minister Airlangga, that the Effective Case Reproduction Rate in Indonesia continues to show an improving trend, namely at 0.99 or below 1.00, which means that the pandemic is under control. However, this does not mean that the potential risk of being exposed to Covid-19 just disappears, the community itself must also continue and remain vigilant by using health protocols wherever and whenever.

The Coordinating Minister who is also the Chair of the Committee for Handling the Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN) also admitted that the Government is currently taking precautions and anticipating post-Eid. The reason is, of course, all parties do not want that the Covid-19 transmission curve will suddenly spike again after the 2022 Eid holiday.

Therefore, the government will continue to set obligations by extending the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) as a strategy that has so far proven effective in controlling the transmission of the virus. Not only are people advised to continue to obey health protocols, the public is also urged to immediately carry out vaccinations, especially those who have not yet received the second dose and also for those who have not received the third or booster dose.

As of April 24, 2022 itself, it was reported by Coordinating Minister Airlangga that the daily cases of Covid-19 that occurred in Indonesia were at 382 cases, which number had decreased by 99.4 percent at the peak of Omicron around February with daily cases reaching the number more than 64 thousand. Then the active cases themselves have also decreased by 96.99 percent from what previously reached more than 586 thousand cases, now to only about 17 thousand cases.

In fact, the downward trend in COVID-19 cases is not only in Java and Bali, but has also been evenly distributed, including outside Java-Bali. The trend of decreasing the number of the pandemic spread is in line with the achievement of vaccinations that are continuously carried out by the Government evenly throughout the community.

The spokesperson for the Covid-19 vaccination at the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said that the pandemic in Indonesia was already under control, so that various relaxations were starting to become apparent that the public could do, including traveling back and forth for this year’s Eid, which is different from the Eid policy on Eid. previous years when the Government imposed strict restrictions.

The Government’s success in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic is proof that so far all the strategies that have been carried out are really effective and very influential. The public is also advised to always comply with Government policies so that the positive trend of controlling Covid-19 can be maintained and the transition from pandemic to endemic can be realized immediately.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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