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By : Rashka Pratama (*

The results of the Indonesian Public Opinion and Discussion Group Survey show that the public is comfortable with President Joko Widodo’s performance in dealing with Covid-19. From the survey it is also known that the public still believes in the performance of the Covid-19 Task Force. The public itself tends to feel comfortable with President Jokowi’s performance during the pandemic. It can be seen that based on the survey results, the comfort level of the President’s performance in the eyes of workers in Jakarta got a score of 62.6 percent.

Even so, there are still 37.4 percent of respondents who are uncomfortable with the handling of Covid-19 under Jokowi’s leadership, so the government is still asked to strengthen the Covid-19 handling system. The inconvenience was triggered by the government’s performance, which was judged to be due to low tracing and tracking. Overall this comfortable figure is something that really isn’t surprising.

Along with the feeling of comfort with Jokowi’s performance, the Covid-19 Task Force became the institution that received the highest trust from respondents with a score of 6.2 out of a maximum score of 10. Next followed the governor of the respondent’s residence and BNPB / BPBD who both scored 5.9 . Next is the Central Government with a score of 5.7, followed by the mayor / regent of residence who has a score of 5.6.

However, the comfort and confidence of respondents in President Jokowi and his staff, who are still high, should be a driving force in implementing the Covid-19 handling policy. This is because the trust of the community is the main key to creating synergy between the government and the community to work hand in hand in dealing with the pandemic.

In general, the government’s performance in dealing with Covid – 19 can be considered satisfactory and deserves appreciation. Every mistake that occurs may need to be understood as something normal, considering that handling Covid – 19 requires speed in thinking and acting. Therefore, let’s help the government deal with COvid – 19 so that Indonesia can be freed from this dangerous virus more quickly and be able to ward off the potential for further economic downturn.

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