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Health Protocol and Vaccinations are Effective against New Variants of Covid-19


By: Kanya Putri

The new variant of corona makes the transmission of this disease more widespread, because it infects the body 2 times faster. To prevent contracting the corona virus, we must get vaccinated and obey health protocols to avoid this dangerous virus.

The pandemic, which has plagued the entire world for more than a year, has thrown various sectors into chaos. When the Covid-19 virus has not disappeared, it has double mutated into a delta variant. This variant started from India when the people there made a crowd and eventually spread to other countries, including Indonesia.

Corona variant delta must be watched out for because it makes patients feel weaker, dizzy, and the mouth feels bitter. The delta variant must be wary of because it is the result of a mutation, so that it attacks 2 times more powerfully and is at risk of death. We certainly don’t want to get corona, right?

Therefore, before becoming a patient, it is mandatory to be vaccinated. When the vaccine has been made free by the government, then this is a golden opportunity that must be taken. The Covid vaccine is proven safe and already has MUI halal status, as well as BPOM permission. So there is no doubt about getting it.

Vaccination can be done at the Puskesmas or a hospital designated by the Ministry of Health. The list can be done online and there is a maximum number of people who will be injected, because it is deliberately done to reduce the crowd. Drg Vanda stated that don’t be picky about vaccines. In a sense, if there is an AstraZaneca vaccine, then there is no reason to look for Sinovac or Pfizer, because the efficacy is the same.

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Siti Nadia Tirmizi, stated that the vaccine that had been used so far was effective in counteracting the mutation of the Covid virus. In a sense, even though the vaccine was circulating before the mutation, it was still effective in hitting the corona. So the vaccine is mandatory and non-negotiable.

In addition to vaccination, we must continue to adhere to health protocols to prevent transmission of the corona virus. Remember the 5M proces: wear a mask, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, keep your distance, avoid crowds, and reduce mobility. The government deliberately restricts the movement of citizens with emergency micro PPKM, and those who are forced to leave the city must show a vaccination card.

Other health protocols such as avoiding crowds must also be obeyed, moreover, the delta variant corona can spread when passing OTG. When the mall is closed, entrepreneurs should not be angry, because this is to avoid crowds in it. Rather than later there will be a crowd that causes a new corona cluster and ends up losing money because they have to close for 14 days and spray disinfectant to all parts of the mall.

We also don’t get confused when the shopping center is closed, and there’s no need to panic buying, because we can shop via an online shop or marketplace. Currently it is very easy with technology, so that goods can come via courier, just by pressing the device and paying via internet banking.

Don’t forget to also wear 2 layers of masks, namely medical masks and cloth masks, so that they are more effective in droplet filtration. The reason is because more and more OTG roam and we do not know which of them had close contact. Wear a mask correctly, instead of drooping to the chin or chest, because it will be useless and cannot protect yourself from the ferocity of corona.

To ward off the delta variant corona, we must increase our preparedness and never forget to obey the 5M health protocol. When the corona delta attacks more quickly, it can be fought with vaccinations and maintain body immunity. Don’t forget to eat fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods.

(The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students)

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