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Health Protocol, Vaccination and PPKM Can Reduce Covid-19 Cases


JAKARTA – The discipline of implementing health protocols, the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) and vaccinations in various regions are powerful weapons to reduce the recent Covid-19 cases. The public is also asked not to slack off in implementing Prokes and to always follow various Government policies in breaking the chain of transmission of the Corona virus.

The implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) and vaccination are 2 things that are currently the government’s instruments in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The head of the Papuan Women’s Intellectuals, dr. Rosaline Irene Rumaseuw said it took a collective effort to overcome the spread of Covid-19, not only the task of the Government but all levels of society to participate in prevention starting by implementing strict Health Protocols.

Rosaline said, a number of government policies are of course considered good, however, there are more important things, namely how to provide education and literacy, especially hoaxes that exist in the community.

“The communication needed is simple and short, if the public health protocol is aware, even though it’s a bit lax, but how to provide education about vaccination, especially those who still don’t believe in Covid-19,” said Rosaline in the ICF Podcast with the theme
Health Protocols, Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) and Vaccinations to Effectively Reduce the Spread of Covid-19, Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Therefore, said the politician from the National Mandate Party (PAN), it takes extra effort to provide them with information related to vaccination. By cooperating with health workers, religious leaders, community leaders.

“The consistency of five and six M is for protection, 3 T is done by the Regional Government, then the vaccination program which has reached more than 100 million must be continued so that people can get the vaccination evenly. And don’t forget to pray to God,” he said.

Public Policy Observer, Saiful alias Bedjo, added that the Covid-19 pandemic, which has the status of a non-natural disaster, has sloping over time and can be said to be under control in the Republic of Indonesia since the implementation of Prokes, PPKM, and Vaccinations.

This, said Bedjo, was proven from the daily active cases to the decreasing death rate.

“Of course the benefits of vaccines and PPKM as well as prokes are extraordinary, where the vaccine itself is useful in providing protection or antibodies so as not to get seriously ill due to Covid-19. By stimulating specific immunity in the body,” said Bedjo.

According to Bedjo, Indonesia is considered successful in accelerating vaccination based on data that so far there have been approximately 100 million doses of vaccine, this has received praise from the international community and Indonesia is ranked 6th in the world in its success in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With these various successes, of course we still have to maintain the Prokes, hopefully the third wave will not increase the number of Covid-19 cases. The phase of wave 3 is predicted in the next three months,” he said. []

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