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Homecomers Are Urged to Go Home Early to Avoid Traffic Jams for Eid Al-Fitr 1443 H


Homecomers are advised to go home early to avoid traffic jams. By leaving early, travelers will also have enough time to rest before returning to their routine.

Backflow is always followed by a backflow. When they are satisfied with celebrating Eid al-Fitr and staying in touch in the village, people return to the city, return to real life and work. Everyone is happy because they can go home and then return to their homes with an open heart because they can refresh for a while in the village.

The government urges travelers to return home early to avoid traffic jams. Dwimawan Heru, Corporate Communication and Community Development Group Head of PT Jasa Marga, stated that travelers should not leave on May 8, 2022 and its surroundings, because it is the peak of the return flow. If they could, they would go home early.

Dwimawan’s advice is very appropriate because most homecomers deliberately linger in the village, the reason being to maximize the Lebaran holiday. There are also those who are waiting for kupatan aka celebration after a week of Eid. However, if everyone returns in unison on May 8, 2022, there will be traffic jams, because the road capacity and the number of vehicles are not balanced.

Travelers need to be aware that there are many disadvantages if there is a traffic jam during the return flow. First, the duration of the trip is longer than usual. If the trip is longer, of course it is detrimental because it takes more fuel. In addition, travelers certainly need to eat and finally stop at the shop. So that the money in the wallet is running low and the Holiday Allowance (THR) is almost gone.

Second, in terms of health, it is certainly not good because sitting for long in a chair, especially in hot weather, is very uncomfortable and prone to colds, dizziness, nausea, and can be at risk of hemorrhoids. Drivers are also tired so they are worried that they will be sleepy due to fatigue, and they are afraid of not being able to focus when driving. This is dangerous because of the potential for accidents.

While the third, if there is a traffic jam during the return flow then people are more emotional because in their minds they want to get home quickly. When both are hit by anger, it is dangerous because they can clash on the road. Do you want that during a fight, the police will intervene and someone will record it, then the scene will go viral? What a shame. When you go home, you will be stressed because you are tired after a day of emotions, as well as physically tired.

Therefore it is indeed better to return early so as not to get stuck. It’s better to move the schedule back 1-2 days than later to be exhausted and stressed because of traffic jams during the return flow. Think about it, going home early does cut vacation time in the village, but it’s profitable because the trip will be smoother so you can maximize your rest time at home. Monday when I go to work, my mind will be fresher.

Moreover, parents also do not mind if their children return early. They realized that returning before the peak of the backflow was not because they didn’t love their mother and father. However, it is a strategy to get back to the city faster, in order to avoid the very tiring traffic jam.

The government has carried out various efforts to engineer traffic flows during reverse flow. However, travelers are asked to be wise when making a return trip and to avoid going home at the peak of the return flow in order to have more time to rest at home after a long trip.

Alif Fikri, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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