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IKN Development Receives International Appreciation and Support


By: Fransiska Balawa Lubis)*

The Nusantara Capital State (IKN) development project in East Kalimantan will soon be realized, one of the government’s ways in accelerating the IKN development process is by conducting socialization to various elements both nationally and internationally, one of which is by introducing IKN profiles to other countries within the scope of cooperative relations. economy.

Referring to Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the State Capital or the IKN Law, the IKN Nusantara government in the form of a special administrative area will be headed by a head of authority. The Archipelago Capital Authority is the designation for the Special Regional Government for the Capital of the Archipelago which is the executor of the preparation, development, and relocation of the National Capital as well as the organizer of the Regional Government for the Special Capital of the Archipelago.

The Transitional Team for Supporting the Preparation, Development and Relocation of the State Capital is a team formed based on the Decree of the Minister of the State Secretary Number 105 of 2022 dated April 28, 2022 in order to support the smooth and accelerated expansion, development and relocation of the State Capital.

Ir. Bambang Susantono, MCP., MSCE., Ph.D., Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN) held a direct meeting with Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Tony Blair), British Prime Minister, on June 1, 2022. The meeting discussed about strategic and tactical steps for the preparation and implementation of IKN development, especially related to foreign direct investment to build a more stable relationship between the two countries in the economic sphere.

The Tony Blair Institute (TBI) for Global Change is actively conducting studies and paying special attention to Indonesia. Blair is also a trusted party and has a good relationship with investors.

During the meeting, Bambang Susantono also explained to Tony Blair about One Map, One Plan, One Policy (1MPP) as a form of integrated IKN planning which is a consolidation of all planning activities of ministries or institutions related to IKN.

Currently, the Nusantara Capital Authority is developing a Nusantara master plan that reflects the latest technology, with a focus on innovation and creating an ecosystem that will improve people’s quality of life while creating a new model of digitally connected future city management that is economically viable, socially desirable, and sustainable. environmentally sustainable.

The IKN Authority also continues to carry out 4K activities, namely Communication, Coordination, Consolidation and Collaboration in preparing and implementing the construction of a new capital city by prioritizing ESG principles, namely the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects as a smart global city. Smart), Sustainable, Inclusive, and Resilient.

The Coordinator of the Information and Communication Team of the IKN Transition Team, Dr. Sidik Pramono, said the government was intensively discussing with potential investors who would invest in the development of the Nusantara IKN. The assessment is carried out with various countries, including with domestic investors.

The government has allocated the APBN budget to build basic infrastructure and government buildings, as well as various connectivity nodes carried out by the Ministry of Transportation. In addition, the funds will be used to build facilities and infrastructure in the fields of education, health, resilience, and security at IKN.

IKN development is a strategic step for Indonesia’s economic growth, including Asia. With a good communication strategy, this IKN development program will become an attractive program for both domestic and foreign investors, coupled with rapid and real development progress in basic infrastructure, will certainly attract more interest from potential investors.

In addition, TBI is expected to continue to proclaim the potential of IKN to international audiences, so that they are interested in investing in Indonesia. Later, the international community will be more interested in participating in the education, health, and industrial sectors. Therefore, it is believed that the IKN development process will have many international audiences who will help.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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