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Immigration Undertakes Strict Surveillance Ahead of the G20 Summit


By: Saiful Anwar )*

Immigration parties will carry out strict supervision ahead of the G20 Summit (Summit). The reason is because this event is international class, so the safety factor is very important.

The G20 Summit is an international event and is attended by delegates from the G20 members, who are important figures. Therefore, the maintenance of this event is very strict. Don’t let there be chaos ahead of the Summit that could tarnish Indonesia’s reputation as the G20 2022 Presidency. Both the immigration, the TNI, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the National Police, are on guard carefully, so that the Summit runs smoothly.

The Director of Immigration Intelligence, Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, RP Mulya, stated that to prevent threats and disturbances during the G20, Immigration and related ministries or institutions conducted intelligence operations since July 2022.

RP Mulya continued, officers will carry out monitoring at every G20 Summit, both sidelines, main events, and peak activities. The officers also anticipate the vulnerability of immigration violations. Potential security disturbances are also mapped out, lest there be disturbances of order, such as demonstrations by foreign parties.

Strict monitoring before the G20 Summit must be carried out, because this event will be held in 2 weeks. Do not let there be events such as threats of bombings, demonstrations, or other attacks. Therefore, a joint team from the TNI, Polri, and Immigration is on guard to keep Bali safe and conducive, ahead of and during the G20 Summit being held.

Moreover, Bali is a province that is used to be visited by many foreign tourists, so it is more open to all tourists, both local and international. Do not let this openness be misused so that there are intruders disguised as tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out strict inspections at the entrances to Bali, both at the airport and port.

Strict examination was carried out because there could be a G20 delegation who remembered the Bali bombings, even though it happened more than 20 years ago. They were reassured that Bali is currently very safe and there will be no terrorist threat that thwarts the G20 Summit.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol. Stefanus Bayu Setianto, stated that the 5 main entrances to Bali will be closely guarded by Polri personnel, ahead of the G20 Summit. The five entrances include I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Padangbai Harbor, Benoa Harbor, Gilimanuk Port, and Celukan Bawang Harbor.

Kombes Pol Stefanus also added that small ports were also monitored so that no criminals dared to enter Bali and thwart the G20 Summit. When there is supervision from the joint National Police team, people entering via the airport and port will be strictly inspected, as well as their belongings.

This check does not mean officers will violate privacy. However, people who have just arrived in Bali must understand that strict inspections are carried out as a precaution, so that no criminals or terrorists escape. The G20 Summit is a big event and all mistakes and chaos must be prevented, in order for it to run smoothly.

People who have just entered Bali are good citizens. Therefore, they supported the G20 summit and were willing to be examined by security officers. The officers carried out inspections very carefully but remained polite, so that people were not afraid of things happening.

Meanwhile, strict supervision was also carried out to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant of Corona in Bali. Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, stated that his party would tighten entry and exit from Bali. In addition to suppressing the potential for crime ahead of the G20 Summit, this activity aims to prevent the entry of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus.

Strict surveillance is carried out at every entrance to Bali and tourists are required to undergo rapid tests so that they are known to be positive or negative for Corona. When their status is negative, they are only allowed to enter Bali, while if they are positive they must be quarantined in a special place. When there is an inspection, it is not indiscriminate, both local and foreign tourists must undergo it.

Inspections and supervision are carried out so that Bali is safe from Omicron who could disrupt the G20 Summit. This forum was held during a pandemic and there was a Corona threat, but it could be prevented with strict health protocols and surveillance at ports and airports, so that no tourists came and brought omicron.

Immigration authorities carry out strict surveillance ahead of preparations for the G20 summit. In addition to guarding the entrance to Bali, there is a special operation so as to minimize the risk of crime during the event. The G20 Summit must be successful, therefore there is cooperation between the Immigration and Police so that the situation remains conducive. Bali is protected from every possible crime and terrorism case.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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