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The government has campaigned for a long time so that people adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent stunting. This campaign became aligned with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus. The government made a social movement Understand, Care and Participation, to empower the community in tackling Stunting. This social movement empowers people to care, start caring about the environment, see the condition of toddlers in the family or the surrounding environment. Understand, look for as much information as possible, through any media about this chronic stunting or malnutrition. Finally, Participating, provide correct information to their families and their education.

Director General of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communication and Information, Prof. Dr. Widodo Muktiyo, through his written statement said that the government’s campaign on the adoption of healthy lifestyles in society is in harmony with efforts to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic today. One of them is the campaign to wash hands in government in order to prevent Stunting, in line with the spread of Covid-19, which can be inhibited through the habit of hand washing. It is important to educate the public at this time to understand and prevent the spread of Covid-19 by implementing a healthy lifestyle.

Covid-19 is a virus that causes chronic respiratory infections, which can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Therefore the community must adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that in the short term it can prevent the spread of Covid-19 Virus. If you look in the mirror of Indonesian life culture before being exposed to the Covid-19 vvirus, a healthy lifestyle is still minimal. Just an example is the habit of eating by hand, but not preceded by washing hands. However, this is underestimated by a number of parties because those who do not wash their hands tend to stay healthy. With the existence of Covid-19, the public began to realize the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus. With the application of new normal by the government, the application of a healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in ensuring that all parties are not infected by corona. If all parties are able to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is believed that the spread of Covid-19 can also be suppressed.

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