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Important Vaccinations to Prevent Omicron


By: Retno Palupi )*

The Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus has caused a surge in patients in Indonesia. To prevent transmission of Omicron, the public is advised to participate in vaccination activities so that the body’s immunity is more optimal.

The explosion of Corona patients is like a nightmare come true. The reason is because 2 months ago Covid cases could be suppressed so that there were only 500 patients per day, but because of the entry of the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron variant, the curve rose again. Omicron really needs to be anticipated because it spreads faster than the Delta variant.

To prevent transmission of Omicron, of course, we must remain disciplined in implementing health protocols. Vaccinations must also be carried out so that the body’s immunity increases and it is not easy to get any variant of Corona. Get vaccinated immediately, because the government is still free of charge and it is proven that it does not cause any side effects for those who have been injected.

Pandu Riono, an epidemiologist from the University of Indonesia asked the public not to panic about the entry of the Omicron variant Corona in this country, the important thing is that they have been vaccinated. Virus mutations are normal and Omicron is relatively harmless (compared to other variants) even though it spreads more quickly.

Pandu added that the surge in Corona cases due to Omicron was partly due to overseas transmission. This means that cases are categorized as cases obtained from abroad, and people don’t need to panic about the magnitude of this number, especially since Indonesia has been called the third wave of Covid.

Omicron is only dangerous if it lands on elderly people, aka the elderly, those who have comorbidities, and have not been vaccinated at all. If you have been vaccinated, you will be safe from this latest variant of the Covid-19 virus, as long as you are disciplined in implementing the 10M health protocol.

It could be that the spike in Corona cases in Indonesia occurred apart from the entry of Omicron, but also due to lax health protocols. Or, only one or two fixed points are adhered to while others are violated. If you have been vaccinated, you must maintain the health protocol because the pandemic period is not over yet.

Vaccinations also need to be held again in the regions so that vaccination coverage is expanded and group immunity is quickly formed. The door to door vaccination initiated by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is also good because it comes to the public, so that more and more people are vaccinated. The more people who have been injected with the vaccine, the more immune they will be from Omicron attacks, because their immunity is good.

Other parties (not only BIN) both government and private institutions can also carry out vaccinations in order to help the success of the national vaccination program. The reason is because the more vaccinations, the faster herd immunity is formed, of course in collaboration with the local health office. They are excited to hold vaccinations because they want to help the government in eradicating Corona.

For example, the private sector can hold vaccinations at the village office, with the permission of the Lurah of course, and the community will be given basic food gifts or other packages. In this way, more and more people want to be vaccinated because they want to get free as well as protection from Corona, especially the Omicron variant. Keep in mind that Omicron spreads faster so getting vaccinated is very helpful for the government to stop its spread.

Vaccination is very important to prevent the spread of Corona, especially the Omicron variant, in Indonesia. Indeed, Omicron sufferers only get sick with mild symptoms but still should not be underestimated. Everyone must be willing to be vaccinated and remain disciplined in health protocols, because the pandemic is not over yet and there is still the potential for contracting Corona even though the possibility is small.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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