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Indonesia Hosts the G20 Summit Not Sitting on Anyone


The Indonesian government emphasized that it would not side with anyone in the polemic of Russia’s arrival to the Group of Twenty Summit (KTT) G20. This attitude is considered proportional and objective because in the G20 forum there is absolutely no discussion on conflict resolution between countries.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still not over and its effects are still rolling. Later, the G20 Summit will be held, in which Indonesia will become the presidency in the event. The Indonesian government has clearly stated through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we are completely impartial.

This follows several calls that state that it is better for Russian President Vladimir Putin not to be included in the G20 summit forum. However, our Government emphatically states that we continue to take a neutral stance. The firm stance issued by Indonesia is because that is what the G20 Presidency should do, which is to invite all members without exception.

Dian Triansyah Djani as Special Staff of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Strengthening Priority Programs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-Sherpa G20 Indonesia admitted that we have never deviated from a rule that applies when we chair certain conference forums. Therefore, as has been stipulated, that Indonesia will not side with anyone in the conflict.

It turns out that the attitude that has been issued by the Government of Indonesia is in accordance with the attitude that has been stated by a number of politicians and has received appreciation. As a Member of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives who is also in charge of foreign affairs, Dave Laksono stated that it was indeed the correct attitude taken by the Government to not interfere at all in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, this attitude of not interfering at all is also in line with the goal of establishing the G20 Summit from the outset which will indeed focus on discussing economic development, improving people’s welfare to investment efforts and efforts to increase the business capacity of the global community. So, from the start, it had absolutely nothing to do with the foreign policy conflicts that were issued between Russia and Ukraine.

So the proportional attitude or placing something in its place has been successfully demonstrated by the Government of Indonesia in this regard. The problem has nothing to do with the purpose of the G20 being formed, it should not be brought into the forum. So if you want to talk about efforts to handle the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it can be done in forums outside the G20.

Not only politicians, but other countries, namely China, fully supports the attitude that has been issued by the Government. The reason is that it cannot be denied that Russia plays an important role as a member of the G20 which will be able to provide good multilateral cooperation to the other nineteen members, especially regarding economic cooperation.

In fact, President Putin himself, through the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia, Lyudmila Vorobieva, admitted that he had the desire to directly attend the G20 Summit which would be chaired by Indonesia. One aspect is that our handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is considered very good.

Furthermore, the Ambassador also said that if Russia was not included in the forum, it would make it difficult to find solutions to economic problems. Moreover, as already mentioned, the G20 is a forum that is actually meant to discuss economic matters.

The stance taken by the Government of Indonesia is not only due to complying with existing regulations, but also trying to remain professional and proportional in putting things in their place because indeed in the G20 forum later there will be absolutely nothing to do with discussing conflict resolution between countries.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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