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Indonesia is Optimistic that it Can Pass the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Dodik Prasetyo )*

The pandemic in Indonesia has not yet ended, but we must cultivate a sense of optimism. Soon the corona vaccine will be inaugurated, and everyone can be free from this dangerous disease. Don’t blame the government when there is no lockdown so that the pandemic is not over, but instead deliberately violates health protocols.

President Jokowi advised all Indonesian citizens to remain optimistic about the corona pandemic. Even though we have been through this difficult time for more than 7 months. Don’t let anyone lose hope and feel helpless. In a sense, despair is a sin. So the optimism taught by the President should be exemplary for us.

However, continued President Jokowi, the government’s handling of the pandemic had been carefully planned. To save the economic sector, Indonesia will not lock down both national and local scales. Because this policy can have a bad impact. It is proven that other countries that are implementing lockdown are threatened with recession.

So the public should maintain optimism and see the economic policies carried out by the government in a positive light. For example, the regulation to provide BLT to all levels of society. Because middle and upper class citizens are also affected by corona. This assistance will increase people’s optimism and life expectancy.

The government also briefly closed markets and malls because it could create a new corona cluster. When the new habit adapts phase, the public places will be reopened, and we are optimistic that this will improve the financial situation in Indonesia. Don’t be pessimistic and protest why the market is open but schools are still closed. Because it’s not apple to apple.

The President is trying hard to balance the handling of the impact of corona in the economic and health fields, and thinking positively so that all can be resolved. The government has budgeted more than 239 trillion rupiah for social protection budget. Adi people need not be afraid, because it is always protected by the government.

Don’t even blame the government for not wanting to lockdown. Then they refused to comply with health protocols, because they were already heartbroken with the president’s decision. Face it with a cold head and heart. Because of the evidence, countries that have locked down are also threatened with corona wave 2. So it cannot be 100% safe.

If the community decides not to comply with health protocols, for example, they are lazy to wear masks, it will be detrimental to themselves and their families. The potential for contracting the covid-19 virus will be enormous. Many people without symptoms may accidentally come into contact with you and then spread droplets, because they both don’t wear masks.

When already sick, the government is to blame. Even though it was his own carelessness. The cost of corona treatment is also borne by the government through the BPJS. Already pessimistic, it’s still a hobby of blaming others. This type of thinking is what we must change as soon as possible. Because it is very detrimental.

Optimism in the face of a pandemic is very important, because if people lose hope, it will have an impact on their bodies. He will feel weak and have a disease in mind. As a result, his immune system is weak and he can easily contract corona. Especially if you are not disciplined in adhering to health protocols.

The way to be optimistic can be by reading the scriptures, meditating, and eating healthy foods and drinks. Avoid triggers for negative thoughts such as hoax news and hate speech. We need to maintain our mood, mind, body, and soul so that we can remain optimistic in the worst circumstances.

Continue to pray and adhere to health protocols with discipline. Never lose hope, because God never gives a trial beyond the capacity of His people. We must be optimistic that the covid-19 pandemic will end soon, and the world will return to health and be free of the corona virus.

)* The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Studies Institute (LSISI)

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