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Indonesia Successfully Exceeds WHO Vaccination Target


By: Nicholas Napitupulu )*

The national Covid-19 vaccination program has been a concern of the government since early 2021. Indonesia has also succeeded in exceeding the WHO World Health Organization vaccination target, so it is hoped that it will avoid the third wave of Covid-19 along with the Omicron variant.

The pandemic has changed almost all the orders of life and every human being is obliged to increase immunity so as not to get Corona. One of the effective ways to increase immunity is by vaccination and since March 2021 a national vaccination program has been implemented throughout Indonesia. The target is for this program to be completed in 2022 so that we can be free from the pandemic status.

Indonesia has succeeded in exceeding the vaccination target from the WHO (world health organization), which is 108.5 million people have been injected with the covid vaccine as of December 22, 2021. This figure exceeds the WHO target because initially it was targeted at least 40% of the population who had been vaccinated by the end of 2021. The vaccine that has been given is also complete in 2 doses so that the protection is stronger.

BEM (Student Executive Board) Tadulako University appreciates the government for exceeding the WHO vaccination target. The acceleration of this vaccination program is to break the chain of the spread of Corona in Indonesia.

Tadulako University BEM President Muhammad Wiranto Basatu stated that there were 2 elements that were faced during the pandemic. namely economy and health. President Jokowi managed to balance the two so that we are optimistic that we can end this gloomy period as soon as possible. In a sense, he lauds President Jokowi who is agile and has a precise strategy in overcoming the pandemic in this country.

When Indonesia succeeds in exceeding the vaccination target from the WHO, we are optimistic that by 2022 the national vaccination program will be 100% complete. Moreover, at this time the number of injections has been increased, from 1 million to 3 million injections a day (all over Indonesia) and there are mass vaccinations everywhere. So that this program will be completed quickly and everyone has immunity to fight Corona.

Appreciation should be given to the government because vaccinations can be carried out quickly and on target. Since the beginning of the national vaccination program, the cost is 100% free, making it easier for people whose economic conditions are declining due to the effects of the pandemic. If the vaccine is free then everyone will want to be injected because they are aware of the importance of vaccination, as well as free lovers.

Vaccination is also intensified with mass vaccinations organized by the TNI, BIN, Polri, and the private sector. This method is carried out because it is more effective, because in one mass vaccination, thousands of people are directly injected. Mass vaccinations are held starting from the field, building, to the mall. Of course, by complying with health protocols so that people are not afraid of crowds during mass vaccinations.

In addition to mass vaccinations, the government assisted by BIN (State Intelligence Agency) conducted door-to-door vaccinations. With this method, more and more vaccines are injected because health workers visit people in villages and housing. So that more Indonesian citizens get vaccinated.

The government is indeed intensifying vaccination so that it can immediately form group immunity so that we are free from the pandemic period as soon as possible. When the pandemic status is removed, the economy will be intensified again and the country’s financial condition will be healthy again. We can work even harder to move the wheels of the country’s economy and change its status to a developed country.

The government’s success in running the national vaccination program quickly and accurately deserves appreciation because it has exceeded the target set by WHO. When more and more people are vaccinated, we are not afraid of Corona transmission, provided that we must adhere to health protocols. Vaccines are also still free so that everyone has good immunity.

)* The author is a contributor to the Circle of the Equator

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