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Indonesia Successfully Holds P20 and Generates 4 Priority Policies


Indonesia successfully held The 8th G20 Parliamentary Speaker Summit (P20) or the parliamentary meeting of G20 members on 5-7 October 2022. P20 is an important momentum for the implementation of the G20 Summit because it is expected to be able to provide concrete steps to discuss various strategic issues that are the topic of the G20 Summit.

P20 discussed the big theme “Stronger Parliaments for Sustainable Recovery” as an effort to strengthen parliament in economic improvement which was considered less effective during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As was held at the world-level parliamentary meeting or IPU in March, this year’s P20 meeting strengthens cooperation between P20 member parliaments in promoting a green economy, especially in order to improve the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was noted that 19 parliaments had registered to attend the P20 event, and a number of representatives from the parliamentary chairmen participated in the forum.

Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, DR. (HC) Puan Maharani said that she was confident of good cooperation during the P20 series which could strengthen economic recovery after the pandemic.

“We all have hope in the future after the COVID pandemic, not a single country will be left behind. This means that all countries help each other because it is impossible for one country to survive after the pandemic in economic and trade matters if it is alone,” explained Puan Maharani at the DPR Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (7/10/2022).

In this P20 event, the Indonesian House of Representatives also produced and discussed 4 priority issues that have been discussed, namely the acceleration of sustainable development and a green economy, issues that arise in food and energy security and economic challenges.

In addition, there are also issues of an effective parliament, dynamic democracy and social inclusion, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“From the results of the discussion, all P20 countries and country guests who came, were committed to how we can work together to create world peace, then gave new hope to the international community that we want how to create a more peaceful world and a global world full of prosperity without discrimination. rich and poor, men and women,” said Puan Maharani.

The P20 meeting in Indonesia has brought together the parliaments of G20 members, invited countries and the IPU (Inter Parliamentary Union) in a meeting of strategic value to discuss global issues including finding real solutions during the relevant Covid-19 pandemic.

“Currently, we have recorded all inputs and opinions, which will be concluded in the upcoming G20 Presidency. We agreed that there would be no joint statement, but we have recorded all opinions, commitments and inputs,” said Puan.

By carrying the hashtags #PulihBersama and #RecoverTogetherRecoverStronger which were socialized on various social media, Puan Maharani is sure that she will give birth to answers to global issues that are a common concern for the country in the future.

Furthermore, Puan also hopes that the DPR can participate in implementing all government programs that will carry out the G20 event in November.

“So what about the participation of the DPR RI in this parliamentary summit program, I hope then we can help, participate in the implementation of all government programs which will later carry out the G20 in November,” concluded Puan.

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