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Indonesia Successfully Holds World Parliament Events in P20


By: Zafieqka Fitra )*

Indonesia won the trust as the Presidency of the G20 Summit by holding a series of events in it which will take place from December 1, 2021 until the fourth quarter of 2022. A number of policy makers, organizations, and even the smallest community groups have contributed to the success of the G20 Summit series of events.

One of the events that became part of the recent series of G20 Summits was the holding of The 8th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit or also known as Parliamentary 20 (P20). The P20 which was held in DKI Jakarta carried the theme “Stronger Parliament for Sustainable Recovery” which took place from Wednesday 5 October 2022 to Friday 7 October 2022. This meeting became a forum for parliamentarians from all over the world including the largest economies in the world to come together strategic solutions to the challenges and global crises that plagued all G20 member countries.

As the P20 theme this time, world parliaments bring a common vision and mission in the midst of the ongoing global recovery and are even hit by the threat of a recession that has the potential to present other challenges such as inflation, rising forest burden due to rising interest rates, widening inequality, poverty- new poverty to conflicts and increasingly changing natural conditions and risks to human life.

So it is necessary to strengthen the world’s parliaments through the P20 momentum as a response that carries global human interests. If the country’s parliament is a representative of the people of their country, then the world parliament in P20 is a representative of the entire world community in order to realize sustainable recovery in a holistic and multi-aspected manner.

As an engagement group in the G20 grand event, P20 certainly improves the coordination of the world’s parliaments together and at the same time for the immediate realization of global economic stability and sustainable growth through its authority in budgeting, law-making and government oversight functions that parliament has.

For three days, the entire agenda during the P20 event has been carried out safely and smoothly thanks to the cooperation of the security forces. The TNI, Polri and the State Intelligence Agency have optimally integrated in securing the P20 series. Evidently, the entire event went well, vital objects were also safely maintained, and the delegates who attended the P20 event were quite impressed and appreciative of the high level of security in Indonesia.

The security cannot be separated from the deployment of personnel from before until the event is completed. The Police, through the Polda Metro Jaya, for example, have sought security from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, hotel guest accommodations for delegation guests, MPR/DPR RI Building, traffic engineering, to securing the route for the delegation’s entourage.

The Police have deployed 700 joint TNI-Polri personnel, including 40 TNI personnel in it. The team has even been working since a few days before the P20 event. The security of delegates and events uses a tailor-made concept, namely adjusting the situation and conditions that occur in the field.

The concept of tailor-made security , based on the explanation of the Head of Polda Metros Jaya, Inspector General Fadil Imran, is to use the analogy of tailor-made clothes made by tailors. If the tailor tries to adapt the clothes to the user, the security that is carried out also adjusts to existing or changing situations and conditions. Because as potential disturbances can occur in various forms, the form of security activities must also adjust to potential disturbances so that when P20 takes place, officers from the joint team work according to directions and under control. The joint team has also ensured that it always prioritizes a humanist and preventive approach so as not to appear intimidating.

The joint team carried out security in an open and closed manner. The team wore official uniforms when carrying out open security and did not wear official uniforms when carrying out closed security. This open and closed method is also part of a tailor-made security concept that adapts to conditions in the field. The P20 security seems to focus on the security aspect as well as comfort, both for international delegates, as well as the community around the existing vital objects.

In fact, the joint team also carried out security with special daily assistance for P20 participants to ensure their safety while in Indonesia.

The deployment of the joint security forces of the TNI-Polri and the local government has proven that this involvement has succeeded in guarding the face of Indonesia in front of the delegates. This collaboration also does not forget about communication and community participation in order to avoid activities that have the potential to disrupt security during P20. During the P20 event, the P20 event was protected from potential security disturbances such as sabotage attempts, intervention and so on to the tree planting event during the closing of P20. 

This is a representation of the high-level collaboration and commitment of the TNI, Polri and the State Intelligence Agency and related agencies in supporting the Indonesian recovery process, even the global recovery, namely by ensuring security, comfort and conduciveness during P20 taking place in the capital.

)* The author is a student of the State University of Malang.

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