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Indonesian Gema Invites Disciplinary Society to Follow Health Protocol


Jakarta, Cidiss.com – Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. The risk of spreading and transmitting the Corona virus is still a frightening threat. Since the enactment of the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions), indeed the Covid-19 transmission rate has decreased. Some regions also began planning to no longer impose PSBB. But in reality the Corona virus epidemic is not over and is still lurking all the time.

In supporting the government in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The Indonesian Student Movement (GEMA Indonesia) will produce a testimonial video with the theme “The Role of Media and Society To Support Discipline in Health Protocols as the Key to New Normal Success”.

In his statement, the GEMA Indonesia Presidium, Rahmat Hidayat said that the making of this video was done to educate the public to be aware and concerned to be disciplined in following the government’s health protocol, “Rahmat said in Jakarta, Sunday (07/19/2020).

Rahmat also suggested that this video was also in the context of inviting the public to fight together with Covid-19 by implementing a healthy lifestyle, physical distancing, diligent hand washing, and always wearing a mask.

“To break the chain of distribution of Covid-19, all levels of society must follow the government’s recommendation to implement a healthy lifestyle, physical distancing, diligently washing hands, and always wearing a mask,” he said.

Rahmat also invited all parties to work together in order to restore the people’s economy after the Covid-19 Pandemic, certainly in line with the policies of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) related to the New Normal program.

“It is impossible for us to surrender completely to the Government. No matter how good the national policies and programs that are launched, it will not succeed without the support of all the people of Indonesia. “All parties must unite in supporting the new normal by following the health protocol in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

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