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Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Bridges Global Economic Recovery


By: Deka Prawira)*

It is believed that Indonesia’s G20 presidency will bridge the global economic recovery. With the meeting, it is hoped that investment flows will expand and labor absorption will increase again.
The government will take advantage of the momentum of the G20 to make a major contribution to society. Apart from discussing several important issues, this big genda is predicted to be a bridge for global economic recovery.

In her written statement, Ida Fauziyah, the Minister of Manpower, stated that she was ready to make the implementation of the G20 Presidency a success. As the G20 focal point in the field of employment, of course, this commitment must be prioritized.

This was also revealed at an EWG Indonesia G20 Presidency 2022 event in the capital city of Jakarta. The event carried a big theme, namely Improving Employment Conditions to Recover Together. Ida said that at the G20 meeting later, Indonesia must make the best use of this strategic position. Because all countries in this forum are equal.

For him, this trust is an opportunity for Indonesia to be able to contribute more to the global economic recovery, and to build world governance that is healthier, more just and sustainable.

He also said that President Joko Widodo at the Opening Ceremony of the President of the G20 Indonesia some time ago, stated that if this Presidency is not mere ceremonial, but Indonesia needs to encourage countries in the G20 to take concrete actions that can also be implemented. Including fighting for aspirations as well as the interests of developing countries.

He also added that Indonesia is ready to collaborate and gather strength, so that the world community can feel the positive vibrations of the cooperation. Furthermore, Indonesia must produce various breakthroughs from the G20 forum. The main thing is to face the current and future employment challenges.

According to him, if the spirit of solidarity and partnership of the Indonesian Presidency can be utilized to contribute to the development of social, regional and global employment so that it is more equitable. In order to face digital disruption to climate change.
As an illustration, the election conditions in the health sector are considered in line with the WHO target for a second dose of vaccination with a rate of up to 40 percent of the total population. So the estimate is that 113 million people have been confirmed vaccinated. This amount is equivalent to 41.8 percent of the total population. Or, around 54.3 percent of the target at the end of 2021.

Therefore, through this theme, Indonesia embraces the whole world to work together to achieve a stronger, inclusive and sustainable economic recovery. It is hoped that the G20 will be able to deal with various structural problems that often hinder productivity and efficiency growth.
Even by encouraging the expansion of economic inclusion.
The Minister of Economy said that next year’s G20 Presidency will bring up 3 main topics. The first is the global health architecture, which is Indonesia’s effort to strengthen and restructure the governance and global health architecture after the pandemic.

The second point is the transformation on a digital basis. Namely, in order to create economic values ​​through digital technology, including encouraging digitalization efforts to become a new engine of growth.

The last or third is the energy transition to expand access to technology to achieve clean and affordable energy, and manufacturing to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy.

According to him, the three topics will serve as guidelines for producing policy recommendations, which will be more concrete, pro-people and easy to implement. Moreover, the G20 was indeed used to fight for small and developing countries.
This good momentum must be used as well as possible. In addition to the various issues raised, it will be in line with the equipment event. Indonesia as the host will be able to contribute even more to the procession of global economic recovery.

In order to achieve these noble goals, of course, the government needs a variety of support and appreciation. This support will be able to become a passionate spirit and optimize the meeting that will be held later.

The hope is that it is not only the global economy that will recover. However, the national economy will also develop as expected. Finally, financial well-being will also be felt by all Indonesian citizens. Hopefully in the future this Akbar event will welcome glorious success.

)* The author is a student of Pakuan University, Bogor

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