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Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Key to Successful Economic Recovery during the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Aditya Akbar)*

Indonesia was elected to the G20 presidency. This position is advantageous because by being the host, it will have a positive impact on people’s lives. Economic recovery during the pandemic will occur because there is close cooperation between G20 members.
Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia but highly respected in Europe, America and other continents. In international relations, the leaders of other countries laud President Jokowi’s success in overcoming the impact of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, this admiration and trust has made Indonesia given the task of being the G20 presidency, which means hosting this international forum, in 2022.

It is planned that the G20 Summit will be held later this year in Bali. However, the pre-G20 summit forum, namely the Sherpa meeting, was held in DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, the Woman of Twenty (W20) forum is an event for the wives of the G20 delegation, which is planned to be held in Papua. The location of the forum is deliberately different, to introduce Indonesian culture and at the same time stimulate the economy in each of these areas.

If the G20 participants know the beauty of metropolitan Jakarta, they will be interested in investing, because they see how safe the capital city of Indonesia is, and how dynamic the economy is. Meanwhile, when they meet in Bali, they will be fascinated by the exoticism of nature, and the Summit will also sell tourism and improve the people’s economy, after two years of being hit by a pandemic.

As for the W20 Summit in Papua, it is hoped that it will be able to start bilateral cooperation and be an opening door for export businesses. The reason is, there are still many potential natural resources on Earth of Cendrawasih. So that people on Earth of Cendrawasih can export them and improve the economy, and rise during the pandemic.

Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti, Deputy for Economic Affairs of the Ministry of National Development Planning -PPN- (representing the Minister of PPN Suharso Monoarfa) stated that the G20 Summit will focus on a global perspective, and global policies will encourage economic improvement during the pandemic. Now is the time for Indonesia, not only to restore the economy, but also to encourage economic growth.

Amalia added, to encourage economic growth, there needs to be a digital economic transformation. In a sense, we have entered the era of globalization and information technology. So that international trade will be easier, and it will also be made easier with the G20 Summit because there are bilateral agreements in the economic field that are clearly mutually beneficial.

In exporting goods, entrepreneurs must be technology literate. First of all, they are obliged to display the goods they sell on the website and social media, so that buyers will come, both from Indonesia and abroad.

In addition, economic transformation is also practiced using digital currency. Along with the smoothness of online shopping, so the payment is also online. Either via M-Banking/ internet banking, digital wallets, or other payment systems. If a businessman enters into global trade, he must have a Paypal account as an international account.

The G20 presidency brings many benefits, not only in tourism but also in the economy. That way, the Indonesian economy will continue to grow and be able to rise again after being hit by a pandemic storm for two years. It is even predicted that its growth will exceed that of the pre-pandemic period, aka have a bigger profit.

If you want big profits, traders must of course do several things, for example coming directly to the vicinity of the G20 or W20 to introduce themselves to delegates from member countries. Apart from that, they can also export their merchandise, because after the G20 and W20 summits, there will be an opening of the export door as much as possible, for economic recovery.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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