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JMSI Invites Society to Improve Discipline with Health Protocol


JAKARTA – Acting Chairperson of the Siber Indonesia Media Network (JMSI) Mahmud Marhabah assesses that the role of the media does not only tell about the number of positive victims who died. But it also plays a role in educating the public especially in the face of a new or new normal life’s current order.

For this reason, Mahmud invited the public to maintain and implement health protocols in the midst of a pandemic. Because the media see a discipline that is not running optimally obeyed by the public.

“Not only the public, we as the media also see the government displaying neglect towards keeping a distance by forcing the election to be held. The media has tried to socialize so that people keep their distance and should not be swarming. This is indeed a very difficult one for the community because this is new, but this is actually new normal, “said Mahmud Marhabah in an online webinar with the theme ‘New Normal, Keep the Health Protocol’ Monday (6/22/2020).

According to him discipline is enough to determine how co-19 and can be completed from a pandemic for Indonesia. Therefore Mahmud stressed that high discipline was crucial but it was not in the public’s mind that it would be dangerous to ignore discipline and neglect of health protocols.

“What is in the minds of the public at this time considers that the new normal is free from a pandemic so discipline is very low. People are more concerned about how they can eat today but are ignorant of discipline, “he said.

Still according to Mahmud with these conditions as a media person again invites the public to obey health protocols by using masks, keep a distance, avoid crowding and other health protocols.

From the economic point of view, Atma Jaya Unika Economic Observer, Rosdiana Sijabat emphasized that economic growth of 2.97 percent in the first quarter of 2020 was still considered positive despite the worsening condition due to the impact of the pandemic. So the economic recession is predicted not to occur unless the situation changes for the coming quarter.

“The first quarter was not negative, but down. The second quarter is still awaited. Later for the April, May, June indicators will be released in July. If in the second quarter there is a decline, there will be a (economic) recession, “said Rosdiana.

Rosdiana added, numerically, there was no recession. However, it will affect the disruption of purchasing power. At present, he continued, people’s purchasing power tends to be negative. This is one of the triggers for the economic downturn in the first quarter.

“My advice to the government, after 3-4 weeks since the PSBB, should be evaluated immediately. Because the second wave of pandemics is far more dangerous. Moreover, there are problems with purchasing power. The government must immediately prevent it if it does not want a recession, “he said.

The public, said Rosdiana, should make the Covid-19 pandemic a blessing in disguise. That is, transforming things that are considered bad (Covid-19) as a good thing or a blessing. Thus, a positive impact on social life.

“Not everyone is ready to trade online. But, they were forced to learn briefly about buying and selling online. This is a blessing in disguise. This situation, should be a momentum for the government to issue e-commerce policies to be more user friendly. Both in the upstream and downstream aspects related to the MSME economy, “said Rosdiana. []

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