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Job Creation Law Supports Better Investment


By: Zaki Walad )*

The Job Creation Law was controversial because some people misunderstood it. Even though they just misunderstood and turned out to read a draft that was mixed with hoaxes. In fact, in the Job Creation Law there is a profitable investment cluster, so that there will be more foreign investment in Indonesia.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism sector was devastated, because foreign tourists did not dare to travel to Indonesia. Businesses in tourist attractions and hotels also cannot rely on local tourists, because they are making savings because many have their salaries cut. Business people are confused about it.

The government is trying to help by relaxing the rules during the adaptation phase of new habits. Tourist attractions and hotels may be reopened, provided they comply with health protocols. Another help is to formalize the Job Creation Law and make derivative regulations, because there is an investment cluster there.

When the requirements for investment are made easy, investors will enter Indonesia. They can help tourism entrepreneurs, so that their businesses don’t just close down. With additional capital, the premises can be designed to be safe and comply with health protocols. So that it will attract guests and increase occupancy.

For example, by giving free masks and faceshields to employees and visitors, giving a glass barrier between the guest and the receptionist, and making a larger dining room. So that it can load all guests but still adhere to physical distancing rules. In addition, additional capital can also be used as a disinfectant liquid, because according to the standard, it must be sprayed every 4 hours.

In addition, investors can also invest in other places, not only in the tourism sector. Iskandar Simorangkir, Deputy for Macroeconomic and Financial Coordination at the Indonesian Ministry of Economy stated that the economic sector is improving (due to the Job Creation Law) and has finally attracted several investors to Bali.

Over the past several decades, the tourism sector has been excellent for foreign investors. However, in 2020 and 2021 they have alternatives to invest in other sectors, namely handicrafts and agriculture. In that sense, on the Island of the Gods there are other potentials that can still be developed, in order to increase the country’s foreign exchange.

When the tourism sector is still developing and deflating and many of its employees are forced to leave, they will be absorbed by entrepreneurs in the handicraft sector. Handicraft businessmen who work with investors will make statues and other souvenirs, and will be distributed to the international market. Because investors have partners there.

Apart from that, investors can also provide input on which handicraft items are more likely to sell. Often a local entrepreneur knows how to carve and create art, but is not good at marketing. Investors will transfer knowledge, so that this cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

The agricultural sector will also be entered by foreign investors. In Bali, the famous agricultural products are banana, mango and dragon fruit. If there are investors, they will be able to process fruits to make them more expensive when sold. For example, by canning or making jam.

If foreign investors enter Bali, it is not impossible in other areas the same thing will happen. So that the industry will rise again and Indonesia’s economic conditions will slowly improve. We can survive the threat of economic crisis volume 2, and proceed to become a developed country.

The Job Creation Law must be supported because there is an investment cluster that makes it easier for foreign investors to enter Indonesia. They will work together with local entrepreneurs and collaborate, in order to make businesses in the tourism, agriculture and handicraft sectors rise again.

)* Warganet is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Student

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