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Job Creation Perppu are Able to Improve the Business Climate


By: Mayang Dwi Andaru )*

The Job Creation Perppu is believed to be capable of making improvements to the business climate so that it becomes much more conducive in the future. This is indeed very important considering how the condition of global uncertainty in 2023 continues to haunt many countries including Indonesia as it is today.

Various international institutions have indeed predicted that the world’s economic conditions in 2023 will be filled with a lot of high uncertainties. Therefore, as an anticipatory step to deal with these predictions and at the same time being able to guarantee the creation of legal certainty, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has issued Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation.

Regarding the stipulation of the Job Creation Perppu, the Coordinating Minister (Menko) for the Economy, Airlangga Hartarto explained that the existence of the Perppu was a continuation of the Job Creation Law (UU) which the Constitutional Court (MK) had mandated to immediately make improvements until the deadline at least in November 2023.

As is well known, the world is currently shrouded in uncertainty due to many factors, such as geopolitical conflicts that have not yet ended, including the effects of climate change and disasters, to crises in the food, energy and food sectors. finance.

Furthermore, the Coordinating Minister for Airlangga also stressed how important the issuance of the Job Creation Perppu was, mainly related to investment realization which is targeted to reach Rp. 1,400 trillion in 2023. So that the existence of Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Ciptaker which has also been consulted with the House of Representatives (DPR RI) is expected to indeed be able to create a conducive investment climate, while also being able to continue to encourage additional jobs.

Meanwhile, General Chairperson of the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Men’s and Daughters’ Association of the Army Family (Hipakad), Hariara Tambunan stated that in the business world it is true that there is a real need for legal certainty so that a conducive business climate can be guaranteed, so that there are no more gray areas. ashes in it.

Because he considers that in the business world it is very important to have legal certainty, he then firmly believes that the issuance of the Job Creation Perppu carried out by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo will have a positive impact on the national economy. Because it is not only able to provide certainty and fill legal voids, but also aims to continue to provide support to the business world to make it more conducive.

It is undeniable that Hariara Tambunan explained that everything related to the business and investment world will always have a correlation with legal certainty. Moreover, according to him, the existence of Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation will not only benefit entrepreneurs, but also be able to benefit other stakeholders such as workers, the public and the state because it can multiply foreign exchange from various sectors.

For information, the stipulation of the Job Creation Perppu will also guarantee the welfare of workers, especially when these workers or laborers face a situation when they are subject to termination of employment (PHK). In its regulations, the Job Creation Perppu is able to guarantee job loss even up to 45 percent of salary and also those who are laid off will receive training in the form of retraining and reskilling.

In an uncertain and abnormal world economic situation like today, ease of doing business and a better climate are urgently needed. Thus, the existence of Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation is able to help domestic investors to expand their business and MSMEs will also continue their business.

Apart from that, according to the general chairman of the DPP Hipakad, the Job Creation Perppu will also help determine a much more sustainable business and investment climate in the future. With certainty about the sustainability of the business climate and the world of investment, the acceleration of the business world can also run much better and faster.

The man who also serves as the Central Functionary of the Golkar Party revealed that currently the global economic conditions are not in a good condition. In fact, according to him, a number of countries in the world have experienced a global recession which could have wider consequences and impacts. So that indeed the efforts of the Government of Indonesia to anticipate this and continue to encourage the progress of the national economy are indeed very worthy of being supported and appreciated.

Improving the business climate so that it becomes even more conducive in the future is something that really needs to be done. Especially in facing all the risks of threats to the global crisis and recession in 2023. The existence of the Job Creation Perppu is indeed a concrete solution from the Government of Indonesia to anticipate all turmoil so that it does not have too much impact on the country and can be minimized as soon as possible.

)* The author is a contributor to the Main Sadawira Institute

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